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Does anyone have any recommendations on a qaulity E&O provider? How does a small or one man shop get quality service and coverage? Its a shame we even have to carry such insurance...and further shameful that most brokers dont stand up and make an opinion or take repsonsibilty for their representatives, especially when insured...I sat through an CE class the other day...the class was supposed to be on ethics but somehow we got on an hour discusion about whether an agent should remain at a property for an inspection...the room was very devided and some quality agents shocked me with their opinions...one veteran agent remarked that he never goes to property inspections because de doesnt want to seem "involved" or steer a buyer when it comes to the inspection. I couldnt disagree more...if you are representing a buyer i think, at the least,  you should be there to let everyone in, make intros etc and if you dont know the inspector and/or dont have a good grasp on construction, be there the whole time. If you are representing the seller, i think you ought to be there to hear what the inspector is saying and potentially defend or offer reasons for why an inspector is remarking about a potential defect. I have seen (more than 1X) an inspector turn on a light, the light not come on, and recommend to have a professional electrician evaluate...all this when a light bulb is burned out. I think it is shameful! The agents dont want to stand up...the inspectors dont want to stand up...no one wants to take responsibilty for anything and I dont think that is a service to anyone...especially our client!

 Wow...i got a little side tracked there. 

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Hannah Textor
Hannah Textor Brokerage, LC - Springfield, MO

Rhett, This my be late for you since you are now with KW, but Kirk is an ins broker. He has saved me a ton of $ (mainly for E&O).  Very good insurance co. We now use him for all ins (Bus & Personal).

Kirk Reisner, Advisor Ins Agency 

Office: (417) 742-6826, Cell:  (417) 343-9480

Email: k.reisner@sbcglobal.net

Web    http://www.advisorinsuranceagency.com

May 15, 2009 06:34 AM
Fred Griffin Florida Real Estate
Fred Griffin Real Estate - Tallahassee, FL
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