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Hi everyone!

I just wanted to let you know what an outstanding day we had at South Riding Golf Club in Chantilly, VA http://www.southridinggc.com/ on April 19th for the 2nd Annual Operation Pinecone Golf Tournament to support the troops and their families! Absolutely perfect weather, great fun, great food, great prizes...and lotsa birdies! We were proud to host 12 very special soldier guests, who were so thankful to have the opportunity to join us for a day of golf. Read the latest news from Mary Hacker, founder of Operation Pinecone www.operationpinecone.org :

 From Mary....

I would like to take this opportunity to once again sincerely thank everyone who donated, volunteered and/or came out to play in our 2nd Annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser held on Saturday.   WOW!  What an incredible day and a huge success for Operation Pinecone.  I wanted to let everyone know that we did a quick calculation and it appears that we will have a net cash profit of an incredible $9,000 from this event!  This will go VERY far in helping us with our shipping costs and expenses enabling us to keep supporting our servicemembers at home and abroad.  This is nearly double our proceeds from last year and we are extremely pleased.   We think and hope everyone had a good time.  For those who were there, I briefly talked with SSG Sinclair (the chaperone) a little while ago and he said all the soldiers from Walter Reed had a great time and loved the course.  He's going to call me later with more feedback, he had to run to a dinner.

  As for the golf results, here they are: OVERAL TEAMS: 1ST PLACE - Fong, Tim et al (all retired or former Army!) 2ND PLACE - Sabol, Al et al (Coast Guard Team II-Retired) 3rd PLACE - Sinclair, SSG William (Army Team I-Guests Walter Reed) 4th PLACE - Knapp, Gary et al (General Dynamics) 5th PLACE - Sabella, Nancy et al (included 1 soldier guest from Walter Reed)   CORPORATE CHALLENGE: 1ST PLACE - GENERAL DYNAMICS (Knapp et al) 2ND PLACE - BAE SYSTEMS - TEAM I (Hanau, Steve et al)   ARMED SERVICE CHALLENGE: (Two Active Duty Medical Hold Army Teams against Two Retired Coast Guard Teams :-) 1ST PLACE - ARMY TEAM I - Sinclair, SSG William & Guests from Walter Reed

  I'm am working on identifying all the people in the 70+ photos that were taken and will be sending them out shortly.   One other bit of news I wanted to share with everyone today because it just came in the mail.  First I have to lead up to it by saying that through the grapevine I was asked to assist a company of soldiers in Afghanistan who are stationed in a remote area that not only does not have a PX but whose dining facility had just burnt down!  They were living on MRE's!  This came from a sister of one of the soldiers.  We immediately sent some packages out and I got a response from the soldier written on a Christmas card.  That was the only stationary he had.  Then I got the first attachment which showed the fire.  Today I got the second attachment which shows their March newsletter.  It is amazing to me how many of these platoons, units, companies or teams can live in such circumstances, loose buddies, risk so much and still have such a great sense of humor.  Plus, still take the time to write to us.  Please take note of the last paragraph about the new DFAC on the 2nd page of the 2nd attachment, and that thanks to all of you for your support.   THIS IS WHAT WE ARE ALL ABOUT - Sending support.    Have a great evening!  

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