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Poulsbo WA Home for Sale

SOLD! to new Buyer in Poulsbo, WA


Marie Haydock and her Team at Evergreen Global Homes and Land sucessfully represented a Buyer for the purchase of a beautiful home in the Caldart Heights neighborhood of Poulsbo, WA.  This 4 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom home is over 3200 square feet, and sits up on the hill in Caldart Heights with views of the Olympic Mountains from the back of the home.  The new Buyer loves the spacious floorplan, large bedrooms, and daylight basement rec room that can be used as a second family room or downstairs guest suite.  The neighborhood is also a great asset to this home, with several parks and walking trails, and friendly neighbors that are out and about.  This is a wonderful place to call home.


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What's the Caldart Heights neighborhood like?


Caldart Heights Neighborhood Map


Caldart Heights neighborhood is located up the hill behind the Central Market shopping center, running along Caldart Ave. between Lincoln Rd. and Forest Rock Ln.  Homes in the neighborhood were first built in the early 2000's with the remaining finishing up in 2017.  This is a mixed development with detached single family homes, duplexes, and condominiums.  Interspersed among the homes are several parks, walking trails, and a wetland.  Residents enjoy the neighborly feel of the area and in the eveings you'll find many people out for their evening stroll or walking their dog.  Summertime you'll hear the laughter of children playing at the neighborhood parks.


The location Caldart Heights is fantastic!  Since this neighborhood is built on a hillside, many of the homes have views across the valley and even across to the Olympic Mountains on the horizon.  The neighborhood is also very close to the Central Market shopping center and the Safeway shopping center, so making a quick run for milk is really easy.  Home owners also appreciate the close proximity to the elementary school, middle school, and high school within the North Kitsap School District.  Since the schools are around 1 mile away from the neighborhood, children have the option to walk to and from school. also has a lot of good things to say about the Caldart Heights neighborhood.  


Take a look at why neighbors love Caldart heights from

  • Quiet
  • Walking
  • Family friendly
  • Dog friendly


Take a look at top neighbor interests from

  • Family
  • Camping
  • Science
  • Board games
  • Comics
  • Gaming
  • Old movies
  • Classic cars
  • Swimming


Why do people choose to live in Poulsbo, WA?


Poulsbo, WA is a city located on Liberty Bay in northern part of Kitsap County.  Currently the city's population hovers close to 10,000 people.  The area was first settled by Scandinavian immigrants in the 1880's, who were attracted to the abundant natural resources and the similar terrain to their homeland.  During the early settlement days, the community was serviced primarily by boat.  The modern building of the bridge from the Kitsap Peninsula to Bainbridge Island really expanding travel options and brought Poulsbo closer to the commerce and resources available from Seattle.


Today you can still see much of the Scandinavian heritage of the area in the architecture, arts, and culture of the city.  Residents still admire the beautiful terrain, and although boating isn't the only means of transportation anymore, people still enjoy access to Liberty Bay and the downtown waterfront.  Three marinas are currently located on its shores, which draws visitors from far and wide year-round.  Mountains, forests, and waterways help to define the region and the people who choose to live here value the natural environment and close proximity to the greater Seattle Metropolitan region.


Buying a Home in Poulsbo, WA


The real estate market has really picked up for home buying in Poulsbo, WA the past 18 months.  Local residents already know that this community is one of the most sought after in the county.  And now, people from outside of the area are taking notice as well.  Home buyers in Poulsbo span across a large spectrum of households and across a large geographic area.  We have military personnel moving here from out of state who choose to plant their roots in Poulsbo.  We have second and third generation residents who want to stay where they grew up, and we have commuters from the Greater Seattle Metropolitan area who prefer to get out of the fast pace of the city and find a better quality of life and more affordable housing.


Given that Buyers backgrounds will be diverse, and the housing market is pretty tight and active, it's imperative that you work with a Poulsbo Real Estate Buyer's Broker who has experience not only in the local community, but also with more unique work commute requirements (yes, many people get to the office by boat), and relocation needs.  The diversity doesn't end with Buyer's histories and backgrounds either.  Residential home mortgages that are used by Poulsbo home buyers are just as diverse and expansive.  So it's also important to work with a Real Estate Broker who's an expert on residential mortgages, from conventional loans, to FHA loans, VA loans, Native American loans, New Construction loans, and Rehab loans.  Marie Haydock and her Team at Evergreen Global Homes and Land are your experienced, trusted advisors throughout the entire home buying journey.



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