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Many homeowners walk in and out of their homes and don’t give a second thought to their roof. I have to admit I do not think about the roof much, but I DO think about it when a good rainstorm comes in. I think about the many parts, such as the valleys, vents, boots, flashing, underlayment and so on.  I view homes for sale in Virginia Beach and Norfolk with my clients especially along the coast where the winds are higher and I can see the effects of the weather on roofs. The great news is that they are making roofs much better today than they did yesterday!

 The roof shingle is mainly a composition of asphalt material, with fiberglass, ceramic-coated granules adhered to it. There are two main types 3 Tab and Architectural.

3 tab has been around since about 1915 and has done well. Their lifespan is about 20 years and many last quite a bit longer or less depending on the weather.

The architectural shingle is thicker, has a dimensional look to it and lasts 30 years or more. This type of shingles also stands up to greater wind speeds and can raise the value of the home. It can be about $700 to $1000 or more per roof than 3 tab but most roofers tell you that it is really worth the difference. This technology is still evolving and shingles are being made better and stronger.

 What happens if you don’t replace the roof? The granules will start falling off; the shingles will get a little brittle, chip and other damage may or may not be easily visible. Eventually some of the tabs will start falling off especially in a big storm. The sheathing (plywood) underneath will also start buckling. Some homeowners in order to save money do not replace buckling sheathing. When this happens, you can then stand at the bottom of that new roof and see the roof has a few waves in it. They may be structurally sound by aesthetically disappointing.

When buying or owning a house and you think the roof is questionable call in a licensed roofer. A licensed roofer will do an inspection and estimate the remaining lifespan of your roof. They will inspect the boots, vents, flashing, valleys, drip edge and overall shingle condition. You may just need a small repair or perhaps no repair at all! Whether buying or selling agents can point out the importance of a roof inspection to our clients to prevent future damage, monetary loss, improving the value and the overall look of the home. Everything under your roof depends on that roof for protection. This includes your personal property, pets and most importantly people.

A roof can cost from as little s $4,000 to $9,000 or more. I know it sounds expensive, but if you take a $9,000 roof and divide that by 30 years ($300) and then by the day it is less than $1 a day for a roof! That is not a bad price to protect your family, friends and personal items from the weather!

After a big storm or on a nice day take a good look at your roof, it may save you a bit of money and give you a peace of mind during the storm!

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