Jeff Edmondson's November Homework - Check your Foundation

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As Winter quickly approaches it is a great idea to walk through the house and check your smoke detectors. Current building code says there should be a smoke detector on each level of a house and one in each bedroom. Make sure all the smoke detectors are in place, and they all have 10 year batteries properly installed. Push the "Test" button on each one to make sure the alarm sounds. If you live in a newer constructed house, the smoke detectors should be hard wired and interconnected. When you test one the others throughout the house should sound off as well. If you have only battery operated detectors, make sure to test each one to insure they all are working properly. If you have CO monitors in your house it is a great idea to check them as well. If you do not have CO monitors installed, it might be a great idea to install one on each level of your home. If you have any problems or need some help please give me a call!

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