New to the Emory Area - Get to Know Your Neighbors

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Moving to a new city is daunting for most folks.  Everything is different in a new environment - the climate, friends, church, schools, jobs:


It takes a certain amount of time to feel comfortable and settle in a new place, often 6 months to a year to feel at home in a new community.


Once you have purchased or leased a home, there are still multiple decisions to make - where to buy groceries, how to get to work, how to find a doctor or dentist, how to enroll for school or register your car.  There won't be time immediately to get to know your neighbors, but studies have shown that getting involved with your neighborhood and community are the best ways to begin to feel at home in your new location.


Here are a few ways you can get involved:

  • Walk your dog
  • Introduce yourself to your neighbors
  • Volunteer at the local school
  • Join a fitness class
  • Find a church and participate in its activities
  • Find a local Book Club or Mah Jong Group
  • Attend local community meetings.
  • Be Friendly!


If you are moving to a new city, give yourself time to get settled, then make a point to get involved with your local community and neighbors.  You will soon feel more at home, less stressed and grateful for new friends.

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