Is this the right time?

Real Estate Agent with Five Star

Boy, I was just saying the other day "If I could just have an extra 8 hours in my day it would help so much". I'm really starting to believe that the older I get my time goes faster. Well in the real estate world timing can be everything. Whether your buying a new home or buying a foreclosure, time can be very important. When buying a "hot on the market" foreclosure you need to have everthing in order so your able to bid on it. Sometimes bids come in so fast that you only have a couple of days to win it. On the other hand when your buying either your first home or buying up or down you want  to buy exactly what you want. I love to work with first time home buyer's because they are not only excited but scard too. Its a huge step and my best reward is to know that by the time the closing comes, they felt secure in their decision to buy and learned all there is about home ownership. When my husband and myself bought our first home I wish we would have gone through a realtor just so that we would have been protected and represented. We made some costly mistakes that if we would of known, could of saved us a lot of money.

So in this great buyer's market, take advantage of the "history making deals" but do yourself a favor and be represented by a qualified agent. I always try to advice my clients when the right timing is. Even if you have a home to sell talk to a realtor to get a Comparitive Market Analyisis. We give you many options and its a smart thing to do.

So if your thinking of buying, "Now is the right time"!