50+ Blog Ideas For Real Estate Agents & Brokers

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The Ideal Blogging Frequency

Before you read this list, it might be helpful to discuss the ideal blogging frequency for real estate professionals.

According to Hubspot, companies that blog 16+ times per month generate 3.5x more traffic and 4.5x more leads than companies that blog 0-4 times per month.

Blogging at a rate of 16 times monthly works out to approximately 4 blog posts per week.

Now, very few people have the ability to create that much content while still holding down a full-time job.

Thankfully, you don’t need to reach that frequency and can still see success.

Do What You Can

One post per week is better than none, and two posts per week is better than one.

You should aim to produce as much content as you are capable of, while still maintaining balance with regards to the other aspects of your business.

Personally, I find that half the battle is actually coming up with a topic to start writing about.

Once the creative juices get flowing it’s a lot easier to bust out 500+ words.

That’s why I put this list of real estate blog ideas together, there are 56 topics to write about here.

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For everyone else, read on!

Blog Topics For Home Buyers

These posts are designed to target people that are in the market to purchase a home.

You’ll find that a local focus can help deliver better results as the competition is less severe and the audience is more highly-targeted.

As a matter of fact, just about every piece of content you create should have a “local spin” to it in one form or another.

Here are some headlines to get you started:

  1. List of Common Buyer Questions
  2. Finding A Real Estate Agent To Buy Your First Home
  3. Questions To Ask A Buyer’s Agent
  4. Should I Buy A New Construction Home?
  5. First Time Home Buyer Checklist
  6. Homeowners Association Expenses
  7. Home Buying Mistakes To Avoid

Content Ideas For Home Sellers

The goal here is to generate home seller leads instead of buyer leads.

Again, keep your local market in mind when writing your content. This will help boost your conversion rates and improve your SEO standings.

Remember to align your content with relevant “opt-ins” to start collecting email addresses and phone numbers.

Here are the ideas:

  1. List of Common Seller Questions
  2. Home Listing Tips & Tricks
  3. Should I Stage My Home?
  4. How To Find A Good Listing Agent
  5. Home Seller Checklist
  6. Listing Mistakes To Avoid
  7. Home Inspection Preparation Tips

Blog Topics For Real Estate Investors

These ideas are meant to capture property investor leads.

Expect to write more technically for this audience than you would a normal consumer.

Although, there’s also value in writing simply to introduce your audience to RE investing concepts.

After all, this is an investment vehicle that many are choosing in favor of stocks.

Ideas For Investor Leads:

  1. How To Find & Buy Your First Investment Property
  2. Market Reports (Ex. Centerville GA Market Report by Anita Clark)
  3. Investing In (Your Market) Real Estate
  4. How To Find Foreclosures/FSBOs
  5. Do’s and Don'ts When Investing In Real Estate
  6. Reputable Real Estate Investment Companies (Local)

Neighborhood Focused Topics

Focusing on your neighborhood is almost more of a branding play than it is a straight lead gen tactic.

You want to think of yourself as an ambassador for your town or city.

Muster up all of the best and coolest things about the market your represent, this is a surefire way to pique interest and become the local expert.

Area-Specific Blog Topics:

  1. Things To Do In (Your Neighborhood)
  2. Best Restaurants, Activities And Events In (Your Neighborhood)
  3. Cover Local News
  4. Cost Of Living Comparison
  5. The Job Market In (Your Neighborhood)
  6. The Best Schools In (Your Neighborhood)
  7. New Housing Developments/Infrastructure Projects
  8. Transportation Costs And Commute Times
  9. Guide To (Your Neighborhood) Nightlife


Home Renovations & Decor

Renovations are not only a massive business, but a signal that someone may want to list their home in the near-future.

You could even use this content to refer homeowners to the best contractors, earning you brownie points with multiple parties...

Reno Blog Ideas:

  1. Landscaping Ideas
  2. Best Interior Designers In (Your Neighborhood)
  3. Top Home Renovation Companies In (Your Neighborhood)
  4. Home Decor Tips & Tricks
  5. How To Budget For Home Renovations
  6. Should You Renovate Your Home?
  7. Kitchen/Bathroom Design Trends
  8. Easy Bedroom Redesigns
  9. How To Find A Good Contractor
  10. In What Rooms Are Reno Dollars Best Spent?

Mortgages & Lenders

It’s safe to assume that potential home buyers would like to know more about the lending options available to them.

As an agent or broker you can help guide them through this (sometimes) confusing process.

Plus, a few roundup posts on the best local lenders will earn you a few powerful backlinks.

This can be a great way to boost your organic presence!

Here are a few titles that work:

  1. Reasons You Can’t Get A Mortgage
  2. Mortgage Brokers Vs. Banks For Home Loans
  3. Understanding Credit Scores
  4. Guide To Getting Your First Mortgage
  5. Mortgage Rate News

Moving & Relocating

Most people that want to move also want to purchase new real estate.

You can capitalize on this fact by creating content that is helpful to individuals that may be looking to relocate.

The Headlines:

  1. Tips For Finding A Moving Company
  2. Relocating To (Your Area): What To Expect
  3. What To Toss And What To Keep When Moving
  4. Top 10 Moving Companies In (Your City/Town)
  5. Moving Preparation Checklist

Targeting Specific Demographics

You can hone in on specific demographics too.

Millennials are an obvious choice since they represent the largest segment of new home buyers and are highly-engaged with digital content.

But, they’re not your only choice…

Target these demographics specifically:

  1. Millennials (ex. Understanding The Millennial Home Buyer by Kevin Vitali)
  2. Retirees (ex. How Much Space Is Optimal For Retirees?)
  3. Downsizers (ex. How To Downsize When The Kids Go To College)
  4. Graduates (ex. Finding A Starter Home After Graduation)
  5. Newlyweds (ex. Getting A Mortgage With Your New Spouse)
  6. New Parents (ex. What Expecting Parents Should Consider When House Hunting)
  7. Multi-Generational Families (ex. Buying A Home For Multi-Gen Families)

Want Even More Ideas? Want To Learn How To Blog Better?

Take a look at our post on real estate blog topics and learn how to write better real estate content.

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Joyce Marie Marsh
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Sam, your post is loaded with great tips and topics that could be used to generate interesting and relevant content for blogging.  Nice job! Thanks for sharing...

Jan 25, 2018 08:13 AM
Sam Puccetti

Thanks, Joyce! I'm glad you found it useful 

Jan 25, 2018 09:27 AM
Christine Kankowski North SD and Temecula
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Phew. Those are some helpful suggestions... now writing them...is another story. 

Jan 25, 2018 08:37 AM
Sam Puccetti

Haha isn't that the truth! Hopefully these ideas break the ice to get you going. Let me know if you ever need a hand! 

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