Benefits of Professional Carpet cleaning in NYC

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Clean carpets provide many benefits for a family’s lifestyle and home. Clean carpets are the foundation of stylish, comfortable, and cozy home decor. Professional carpet cleaning NYC is required to keep carpets beautiful and clean.


Carpets that look as attractive as possible are an aesthetic aspect when people visit a home. A poorly kept carpet ruins the mood of a room regardless of how nice the rest of the design. Well-kept carpets make an immediate positive impression, even when the décor is not that great.


Clean carpets have the potential of improving a family’s health. Many people have allergies or suffer from other health problems such as eczema or asthma. A dirty, dusty carpet is a source of irritants every time someone walks on the carpet.

The allergens trigger maladies that make people feel uncomfortable or ill. Hiring a professional carpet cleaning service helps reduce allergy severity. Removing allergens like pet dander and dust mites helps anyone living in a home who suffer from allergies.


Keeping rugs and carpet in the home provides the benefits of breathing easier and enjoying cleaner air. The benefits of clean carpets affect daily life. The carpet acts as a filter in the house. It filters out airborne soil that passes through it.

During cold months when windows are seldom opened, it becomes a big issue. Carpeting absorbs soil that is tracked in such as fungus, pollens, bacterial matter, insecticides, asphalt, and dirt. Black lines seen on the light-colored carpet are evidence of filtration soiling. The filtering process keeps soils from becoming airborne.


Soils are removed with regular and professional cleaning and vacuuming. Carpet that is not cleaned regularly become a full filter. No one would think of leaving air conditioning filters for years without cleaning or replacing them.

The cleaning industry has not done an adequate job of public education about these issues. Many consumers are not aware of the impact they have. Certified carpet cleaning companies keep the filter on the floor in tip-top shape.

Cleaning Process

Carpet cleaning companies use an 8-step process that includes:

  •        Pre-inspection
  •        Commercial pre-vacuuming
  •        Pre-spot and pre-spray
  •        Pre-groom
  •        Extract and rinse
  •        Post-grooming
  •        Apply carpet protectant
  •        High-speed dry

wall to wall carpet cleaning

The first step the professional takes is to perform a carpet audit. The inspection determines the cleaning method best suited for a home. Technicians inspect areas of concern and note soiling conditions and carpet construction. Customers are advised of possible permanent staining.

Tables, chairs, and sofas are moved. Large pieces such as dressers and beds are left in place. Disposable tabs and blocks are used to protect furniture. Spots and traffic areas are pretreated for more effective spot and soil removal.

A state-of-the-art hot water process is used to flush the carpet pile. Heat and pressure are regulated to prevent the carpet from becoming too wet. The treatment improves air quality by removing dust mites, pollen, etc. Coffee stains, tomato sauce, red wine, and pet stains are notoriously difficult to clean. Specialty spotting techniques remove any spot remaining after the cleaning process.



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It would be wise for a homeowner or business with carpeted floors in the New York city area to have a professional carpet cleaning service on file.  With changing weather patterns, kids, , foot and pet traffic carpet cleaning should be a must.

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if you ar ever in Glasgow, UK and need carpets professionally cleaned you could always go to and they will take care of you. Be it carpets, rugs or upholstery, they will get it clean

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