Mulch made of human bodies! Would we have to disclose this ?

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How many of you remember the movie Soylent Green with Charlton Heston in 1973?  Human bodies where used to make food to feed the public.  

Now in Washington (state) a bill could be passed if signed by the governor allowing human bodies to be composted and used for mulch.  Wow! (time of writing -5/15/19)

They estimate that one human body is equal to one cubic yard of soil/mulch. Quotating the Washington Post; "We're making about a cubic yard of soil per person" the founder of the company Recompose said.   Apparently they been doing this for a while. 

The Census Bureau predicts a "death boom" in 2037 estimating one million more deaths then in 2015.  I believe that is one million deaths throughout the county and not just in Washington (state). 

Supporters say that it is an eco-friendly option.  State senator Jamie Pedersen (D) introduced this bill and was passed with bipartisan support on April 19 per the article. 

Like you see in the movie where the mafia insert the dead body(s) into cemet shoes and toss into a river/ocean or in new building under contruction, now they can just get the body to turn into soil/mulch.  No disrepect is intended, I wonder if these guys thought about that?  


Will the producer/company have to or will they disclose that this product is made from dead bodies?  Would you buy a bag? 


Question is would we have to disclose this to a buyer? Would the seller? Is there going to be an addendum? If you do need t disclose this and you don't, what would be the consequences? 


What do you guys think about this?  


Source; The Washington Post - April 26, 2019







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