Nightmare Man - Review

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Nightmare Man is one of the most awful low-budget horror flicks I´ve ever seen. It´s so weakly shot and lit that half the time I didn´t know what the hell was going on. One could dispute the fact that Lionsgate releases cheesy, low-budget flicks such as this to DVD on a weekly basis. The major distinction here is that they choose to release this film for a theatrical run as part of the second After Dark Horrorfest that crept into theaters for a weekend last fall. Nightmare Man has no business at all being shown on the big screen, let alone being branded and advertised as one of the "8 Films to Die For." The dreadful acting, pacing, high-school drama-class makeup, and sloppy plot devices in "Nightmare Man" aside, its main dilemma is the awful camera work and missing lighting.

I appreciate that the intent was to make a dark film, but there are complete moments of outdoor scenes where all I could see was one shadowy blob interacting with another shadowy blob. When things get real dark towards the middle of the flick it's nearly impossible to make out anything happening on screen. Edges are soft and the whole thing distorts when moving. At one point the killer sneaks in the direction of the camera dressed in what looks like a black spandex outfit and the tribal mask.

I truly wish I enjoyed the flick because I like the thought of giving the thumbs up to a small production instead of some faceless, corporate movie.  Unfortunately this flick truly sucked!! Don't waste your money on this one.


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Comments (4)

Chris Fisher
Your Virtual Assistant - Concord, CA

That is one of my pet peeves... when the film maker thinks dark has to mean you can't see anything.  BORING.  To restore my faith in low budget horror films I will now have to watch The Evil Dead.  And mark this one as Not Interested on my netflix list so I don't forget.  Thanks for the review Vincent!

Jun 08, 2008 03:46 PM
Todd Clark
eXp Realty LLC - Tigard, OR
Principle Broker Oregon

Sounds like a very bad rip off of the "Nightmare on Elm Street" movies of the 80's.

Jun 08, 2008 05:33 PM
Vicente A. Martinez
Prudential Douglas Elliman Licensed Real Estate Salesperson - Woodhaven, NY
Realtor, Brooklyn - Long Island - Queens Homes

Chris- You're welcome. Low budget doesn't equal bad flick unless we're talking about Nightmare Man.

Todd- The story line was ok... but the lighting was so bad I couldn't see what was happening half the time!

Jun 09, 2008 04:32 AM
Peg Gilliland
Charlottesville Solutions - Charlottesville, VA
Broker, GRI, CDPE

Wow thank you for telling us about the movie thank you for the great review.


Mar 19, 2009 08:51 AM