What Is the Best Carpet Cleaning for Families?

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The carpet in a home is a significant investment that may be hard to keep clean. There are pet accidents, spilled drinks, stains, and dirt. High-traffic areas look dingy and become dirty quickly. Hiring a professional NYC carpet cleaning service at least once each year is highly recommended.

There are also some simple ingredients to use between professional cleanings that help maintain your carpet. Some are homemade, and others are commercial products. They will destroy stains and remove accumulated odors.

The regular paths a family takes when walking through the home tend to leave a dirty trail on the carpet as time passes. These carpet areas experience wear and tear that requires elbow grease to clean. Here are several ways to clean high-traffic areas.

Cleaning High-Traffic Areas

It doesn’t matter how often a carpet is cleaned, areas of high-traffic never truly look clean. To keep the areas from looking dingy, clean them with this do-it-yourself dry carpet cleaner two times a year, between professional cleanings of the entire carpet.

A dirty smelling carpet is one of the worse household cleaning problems to address. You have to find a way to clean it properly as it cannot be picked up and shaken. Instead of spending money on a steam cleaner, create a homemade dry-carpet cleaning mixture. The concoction is safe to use around pets and kids. You likely have these items in your home.


2 c. Baking soda

½ c. cornstarch

4 bay leaves

1 T. whole cloves

1T. Borax

Place the ingredients in a blender. Pulse on low until there is an even consistency. Pour into a top sprinkle container. Vacuum the carpet, picking up as much dirt as you can. Sprinkle the mixture on the carpet. Let sit overnight. Vacuum the residue.

For a homemade carpet shampoo to be used in a machine, use this foaming carpet cleaner.


12 c. water

1 T. white vinegar

½ tsp. Rubbing alcohol

3 T. liquid dish detergent

In a bowl, mix the ingredients. Add the dish soap last to prevent creating too many bubbles. In an inconspicuous area, spot test the mixture to test for colorfastness of the carpet. Follow the manufacturer's recommended directions for the machine to clean the carpet thoroughly. This combination works well in high-traffic areas, on area rugs, and stairs.

Commercial Products

If you lack the courage or time to make one of the cleaning suggestions, there are commercial products to use in high-traffic areas. Bissell, Hoover, and Rug Doctor provide nearly professional quality cleaning. They are also safe around your family and pets.

Professional Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is a chore that falls under the same umbrella as spring cleaning. It is a chore that is not much fun. Having carpets cleaned professionally is essential for more reasons than removing stains.

It will improve and prolong the carpet’s performance. Frequent cleaning is often a condition of the warranty of a carpet. Read the warranty to be sure do-it-yourself cleaning does not negate the warranty. Households that are prone to accidents or spills may find using do-it-yourself techniques useful, but for cleaning the entire carpet, it is best to hire a professional.



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