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Here is something I stumpled upon a couple of weeks ago!



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real estate agent survival bag.



I bought one a couple of weeks ago and absolutely love it. I already have used a number of the items in the bag. Incredibly handy collection of tools, gadgets, products, software & apps. So many great items in there... this has:


- 39 plus pieces - essential hand tool kit in a case

- 15 plus pieces - comprehensive open house kit

- 10 plus pieces -  great touch-up cleaning kit

- 8 plus pieces - unbeatable bad weather kit

- 7 plus pieces - helpful portable electronics kit

- 250 plus pieces - must have first aid kit in a case

- 5 plus pieces - smart self defense & protection kit

- 12 plus pieces - broad business software/apps kit


Highly recommended for any full time real estate professional!

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"The Real Estate Agent Survival Bag (TM)"

designed & used by seasoned real estate agents... contains over 100 useful & high quality tools, gadgets, products, materials & items broken down into 8 essential & easy to handle kits:
- the hand tools & materials kit (over 48 items)
all items for measuring rooms or exteriors, fixing small problems & more...
- the public open house kit (over 15 items)
all items to make your broker and/or public open house a success...
- the touch-up cleaning kit (over 10 items)
all items to clean-up all kinds of small but noticeable messes & accidents...
- the bad weather kit (8 items)
all items to stay dry, warm, open frozen locks, remove sleet, ice and/or snow from your car or your listing's walkway...
- the electronics kit (7 items)
all items to keep your cellphone, tablet and/or laptop running no matter where you are...
- the first aid kit (250 items)
all items to address small and/or larger accidents, cuts, burns, headaches, pain & more... 
- the self defense & protection kit (5 items)
all items to alarm others and/or protect & defend yourself in all kinds of bad situations...
- the business software & apps kit (12 items)
all items to improve how you do your daily business in and out of the office...
keep it in your car trunk... always be prepared for almost anything that can happen before, during & after meetings, open houses & showings... plus have a suite of popular business & social media development software & apps for your home office & for the road... includes your very own agent web site & more...
Nov 19, 2019 02:42 PM