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We represent taxpayers in Miami and South Florida that have tax issues and debts.  Many of the clients who come to our office have not been keeping up with their taxfilings and are behind several years.  Recently the IRS has made finding Non-Filers a major priority and have even made it public that around 7 Million taxpayers have failed to file returns and report their income. With the new funds available to the IRS, they plan on going after non-filers in an effort to get them into compliance

Not filing your taxes should not be taken lighty, in fact, willful failure to file is considered a crime according to the Internal Revenue Code's Section 7203.  In addition not filing your taxes on time increases the penalties assesed, not only for not paying the taxes owed but for not filing on time

We recommend that you ALWAYs file timely, even if you can not pay at the moment because if you at least file then you have options, like the following:

Tax Resolution Options

  1. Intallment Agreements - the IRS is happy to get their money, even if its in installments the IRS will work with taxpayers to enter into Intallment Agreement
  2. Offer-in-Compromise - if you qualify, you may be able to make a reasonable offer based on your income and assets that will reduce the amount of money owed. 
  3. Uncollectable Status - if you simply do not have the money, your account can be placed in uncollectable status where the IRS will hold all collections until your ability to pay changes.

OPTIONS....such a powerful word!!!  When you have options you are not afraid. Knowing that we can provide our clients with options to resolve their IRS issues or debts gives us great satisfaction. If you or someone you know has unfiled tax returns and would like to see what options are available to you, please contact us at (305) 709-0145 or email us at


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