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Mortgage and Lending with Texana Bank NMLS# 166179

Caller: I've been a mortgage broker for over 15 years but I'm tired of all the compliance I need to keep up with for me and my loan officers. And I'm licensed in 2 states, that make it even worse!

Me: We'll handle your compliance. You and your LO's can lend in all 50 states. We're under the FDIC so no state licensing is needed.

Caller: So no more licensing fees and I can expand beyond the 2 states I'm already licensing in? I've been hoping to add another state.

Me: That's right! All 50! And no more quarterly call reports or CE classes.

Caller: Do you know how much work and costs that's going to save me? That's huge!

Me: And all of your Loan Officers don't have to deal with any of that either. Think how it will help you recruiting new Loan Officers when they find out they can lend in all 50 states without state licensing! And you can keep your company name so you won't lose your brand and identity.

Caller: Let me talk with my guys and make a few calls. What do I need to do to get started?

We are continuing to hire experienced, remote and currently producing residential mortgage loan originators, mortgage brokers and branches across the country. Call me to help your business grow, at (248) 854-0625.


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