Excellent site for Lakes Powell, Mead, Mohave, Havasu, Flaming Georg, Blue Mesa

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Just want to give a "shout out" to the folks over at

Water Data. Com

Who provide the site

Lake Powell Water Data

Living next to a huge lake, much of what happens in our communities and in our business is directly tied to what happens with the Lake. I think most folks who live and work near a large recreational area have the same situtation.

For several years now Lake Powell has been experiencing drought conditions and just this year, we seem to be breaking out of it. The Cut at Castle Rock has been closed for more than three years, which saves boaters and average of an hour plus 12 miles as they head up lake. Just a week ago, the CUT Opened.

Lake Powell Water Data is an awesome site which tracks not only inflow, outflow, average land temperature and average water temperature but also what launch ramps, and passage ways are open.

The also have this type of data for

Flaming Georg

Blue Mesa

Lake Navajo

Lake Mead

Lake Mohave

Lake Havasu

I am not associated with these folks but think they do a great job. Anyone who lives near one of these lake should check it out!

Caslte Rock Cut

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