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The Nightmare of Selling Your House With Zillow Offers

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Does the idea of listing your Pittsburgh home make you sick to your stomach?  Thinking about the open houses, living like a guest in your own home while dreading every time the phone rings concerned its anther showing?  Deciding to sell your Pittsburgh home the traditional route with a realtor can be a huge headache at times, but the headache now has an awfully close friend. The nightmare of selling your house with Zillow Offers has arrived in 25 local real estate markets, a few are, Orlando, Cincinnati, Atlanta and 23 other locations. In addition, the new service is targeting property owners searching, “sell my house fast!”


Zillow Offers Claim To Fame

Zillow claims it wants to remove the hassles, by buying your home directly from you through a new service called Zillow Offers. But it is not as simple as it appears, Zillow is quickly learning with a 31% decline since the end of 2019 with Zillow’s inventory is now 1,860 homes according to TechCrunch. But with many homeowners quickly realizing that their Zestimate changed overnight, they are having a more difficult then they initially anticipated.


The Process Of Zillow Making An Offer On Your Home

Similar to almost every single sell my house fast Pittsburgh company all you are required to do is fill out a form on Zillow website, proceeded by a home inspection, then waiting 2 days for them to finally make you an offer. Leveraging the power of their website and name to attract homeowners that put their trust in Zillow to collect leads. In addition, charging a percentage of the property sale price to purchasing the property themselves. Which if they are purchasing the property themselves, why are they charging homeowners a percentage of the deal to do so?


What It Really Costs To Sell Your House To Zillow

When you decide to sell your home quickly with Zillow Offer, there are 3 fees associated with the sale that you need to aware of. It is extremely important you pay attention to these fees so you can make an educated decision on what the best move for you and your family. If you receive an offer for $200,000, here are the fees you will pay.


Zillow’s Selling Costs Fee

Zillow’s Selling Costs Fee of 6%, Which is explained on their website as, “This covers the transaction costs of buying your home, and the prep cost of listing and selling your home after you move out. This includes the buyer’s agent commission.”

The amount for this 1st fee is $12,000. Which is actually more then using a real estate agent, and there is not one we buy houses company in the United States that would ever have audacity to charge a homeowner this.


Zillow Service Charge Fee

Zillow Service Charge Fee, On their website it states, “Our fee covers the cost of home ownership before resale including taxes, maintenance, and utilities, as well as the potential risks associated with the sale. Charge varies for each property and can range from 1.5-9%.”

With it ranging from 1.5%-9%, let’s go with the middle of that estimate at 5.25%. This amounts to $10,500 for this 2nd fee. I want you to do me one favor quickly and imagine that you are out at mall or local restaurant with your significant other and a random person from the opposite sex as your partner walks up right in front of you and smacks them on the rear end.  How would that make you feel, crazy right? This is absolutely absurd and unheard of in any industry, yet alone the real estate industry. With so many huge promotions for this service, it is nothing short of robbery to say the least.


Zillow’s Closing Costs Fee

Zillow’s Closing Costs Fee, On their website it states, “1%-2% This is an estimated cost that includes title, escrow, and transfer tax, typical in a traditional sale.” Therefore, this fee totals anther $4000 from the price of your property. 

Total cost of selling your house with Zillow Offers, Adding all 3 of the fees together, you come up with $26,500. Resulting in a little over $170,000 for the sale of your $200,000 property.



Zillow Offers Versus Cash For Homes

The cost of selling your house comparison, Cash For Homes versus Zillow Offers. Our company will use the same information categories they use to compare their services to a traditional real estate agent.


Zillow Offers has not yet started making offers in the Pittsburgh market, but 99% of we buy houses type companies offer customers the same benefits for the most part. Cash For Home Pittsburgh pays all your closing cost and fees, we charge No Services Fee, and you have no additional costs whatsoever. On a home with a $200,000 value with Cash For Homes you get $200,000, with Zillow Offers in the same exact, “apples for apples” comparison you spend around $26,500, walking away with around $170,000.


In Conclusion The Nightmare of Selling Your House With Zillow Offers

Contact your local cash home investor to sell your home, do not fall victim to the nightmare of selling your house with Zillow Offers. Many of the we buy houses company will provide you with an offer quickly and go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied with the entire process! Regardless why you are selling house, they will help you. Also saying you the $1000’s of dollars you would spend selling with them.


The Nightmare of Selling Your House With Zillow Offers


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