10 Things I Wish I Had Known From Day One.

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My original broker/trainer may had told me but I was probably too busy working on my dream board to have remembered.  It has taken me several years to fix that problem but I wanted to share these thought with the many new Realtors who have recently gotten their licenses.  

1.  People do business with those people who know, trust and like you.  Your first sale will be from someone who already is in the category of your immediate sphere of influence.  These are people who fall into the general area of "leads".  

2.  Your daily business should start out by adding to this sphere of influence.  Get out of your home and office and meet new people.  

3.  You need to market to your growing sphere of influence.  You can do that in a variety of ways but I would recommend not vomiting real estate on this sphere.  You run the risk of turning people off.  Offer services. go beyond what others are doing.  

4.  Learn the business. getting a license does not help you learn the business,  Find a mentor, in person or online and follow them until you find another mentor who makes sense to you.  

5.  Much of your business will be determined how you work with your leads.  Once you have determined that they might need your services as a Realtor, How can you help them?

6. Your friend today might be your business partner tomorrow.  the gloves come off once that relationship is established.  You are in a business and your goal should be to make it a profitable business.  Dont discount your services.  

7.  There are no short cuts in this business.  It is a DAILY struggle to learn and hopefully succeed.  The facts are that 50 percent of licensed Realtors wont make it past their first year.  Are you going to make that cut?  

8.  Your license may say REALTOR but it should also mention that you need a degree in marketing.  You need to market yourself and your services lie a pro.  Develop your personal brand and keep doing it.  You need to get in front of as many people as you can and stay there until they need your services.  

9.  Learn to negotiate.  Negotiation has many different definitions but you need to learn fast how to make things happen.  It is not always all about the price or the dollar.  It might be but you need to be able to think on your feet and make other items an option as well.  

10.  Learn the business, learn the business, learn the business.  I can not emphasis this enough.  You might think you are selling properties but your business is more than that.  You are providing a service and helping buyers and sellers exchange properties is only a small part of that service.  You need to learn about insurance, building codes, renovation practices to name just a few of the items you need to be an expert over and above showing properties.  

I hope this gets a lot of traction and I do welcome comments.  this is just a winter days rambling of items I wish I knew in my early years.  Hopefully they might help someone just starting out in this business I love.  

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