Attract Home Buyers: 5 Eye-Catching Home Features for Modern Homes

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Thanks to the Internet and its bountiful flood of ideas and inspiration, homeowners are now discovering many wonderful and wholly unique features in modern homes. These features are eye-catching and sometimes are the biggest selling points when they tour the property.


What kinds of features could you add to a home to boost its perceived value? Read on, we’ve got five home features that are sure to cause chatter and get an application underway!

Outdoor Living Spaces

People are spending a lot of time at home nowadays for obvious reasons. Because of this, they’re looking for ways to maximize their living spaces - and this includes the outdoors!


Outdoor living space is the perfect feature to attract home buyers that appreciate nature, privacy, and entertainment. These spaces are ideal for hosting small get-togethers or spending time with family on a cool, breezy night.


Some individuals may even prefer it over the home’s main living spaces!


Costs to install a proper outdoor living space (patio area) is fairly inexpensive. Besides pouring concrete or laying pavers/stones, outdoor furniture and cooking elements are often all that’s needed to build a space that’ll have potential buyers swooning.

Smart Home Systems

The Internet of Things is a revolutionary step in interconnectivity. Through always-on connections, homeowners can control nearly all aspects of their home’s functions. As such, these features are increasingly becoming in-demand for home buyers.


Features to consider installing include:


  • Thermostats
  • Alarm systems
  • Locks
  • Lighting


Major brands such as Google’s Nest and Amazon’s Echo are a fantastic entry for smart home features. From there, explore items such as Wi-Fi smart plugs, video doorbells, monitoring systems, entertainment features, and more.

Reef Aquariums

Home aquariums are becoming a hot feature in modern homes due to their elegant, custom designs and stunning displays. These mega features - once mainly found in homes of millionaires - are now being found in modern homes thanks to accessible aquarium products.


There are several brands providing custom reef tanks including:



Homeowners looking to add a unique feature to their living spaces can set up a reef aquarium with relative ease, too, through all-in-one systems. These AIO systems are often available up to 200 gallons which makes it as striking as another big home feature: fireplaces.


Aquascaping is a growing industry worth looking into when exploring this exciting adoption of reef systems in modern homes.

Cozy & Practical Nooks

Nooks and niches have traditionally been an intermediary spot between design and practicality. Many homeowners don’t know what to do with them outside of adding decorative items or using them as storage spaces. But, these little areas are perfect for adding charm to modern homes.


From tucking away a dresser into a nook to crafting a little reading space in another, taking a practical approach to nooks and niches will maximize the space!


One fantastic use of nook spaces is a small study/workspace.


With so many more working from home, now, it’s increasingly apparent that we need quiet spaces to get things done. While some opt for the dining room table or turn side rooms into work areas, having a dedicated nook that isn’t demanding of one’s space is an attractive proposition.


Show off these unique areas and it will have the home buyer’s creativity heightened. They’ll begin seeing it as a lovely bonus feature when touring the property!

Functional Storage Solutions

People have a lot of stuff.


Oddly, this spill-over of stuff hasn’t exactly caused individuals to slow down with their collections and consumption. Instead, they’re adapting their homes to expand storage capabilities.


This expansion of storage is everywhere in the home from more cabinet space and plastic totes to over-the-head garage organization systems and items tucked into false-bottom flooring. 


All this has given rise to interesting features like:


  • Tuck-away furnishings
  • Multi-tiered stagings
  • Modular designs


Take a page from tiny home designs and start maximizing spaces. Install storage solutions throughout the home in practical areas while also drawing attention to unique features. 

Adapt to Modern Home Buyers

Home buyer’s interests are constantly evolving. What’s “in” this year is already starting to fall out of favor by the next. This is a monumental challenge you face when selling a home. But, one that’s also wholly exciting because it allows for a lot of fun creativity in a home’s design.


Explore the home features shared in this roundup and then brainstorm your own.


Take time to get out of your comfort zone with how a home is meant to look and function. Get inspired by modern trends and displays. And, for more insights, be sure to read the other guides and insights found on the site!

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Wayne Martin
Wayne M Martin - Chicago, IL
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Good morning Waleed. What is in this year is gone next year. While one should decorate for personal taste, an exit plan should be considered. Enjoy your day.

Feb 17, 2021 05:52 AM