March is Color Therapy Month - get your home therapy.

Services for Real Estate Pros with The Color Whisperer Interior Design

A newly updated interior design service has been launched by The Color Whisperer. Their focus is on helping customers to achieve their desired interior look with expert color analysis.

The Color Whisperer has announced that they offer updated interior design services based on nature and holistic therapy. They can help customers balance their interior colors this National Color Therapy Month.

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The Color Whisperer is owned and operated by author and color expert Jeanette Chasworth. The company provides interior design services for the home taking into account each home’s colors, lights, and textures.

Jeanette explains that she works with her clients and listens to their unique tastes and opinions while helping to create rooms that are a peaceful sanctuary for them.

March is National Color Therapy Month and Jeanette says that color is one of the most underappreciated features of a home, and by learning how to use the correct colors a homeowner can transform their interior space.

National Color Therapy Month is an opportunity to celebrate colors and their importance for psychological wellbeing. Color Therapy, also known as chromotherapy or light therapy, is a holistic practice that uses colors to treat physical and mental health issues.

The therapy uses colors and lights. Each color has its own benefit, for example, red promotes stamina, passion, and energy, while green can help support harmony, balance, and communication.

The Color Whisperer provides a course on color discovery and room design. Jeanette has also published a book, What’s Color Got to Do With It? This volume offers advice on picking the colors that people, their homes, and the environment they want to create.

A client has said of The Color Whisperer’s service: “I never would have been able to pick this out myself. What we found is beautiful and beyond what I knew how to dream. The benefits of hiring a designer who understands my taste and needs was invaluable to the project. With Jeanette's help, we created a home that makes me happy every day.”

Those wishing to find out more about The Color Whisperer and their interior design color services can visit the website here:

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