What Kind of Flooring is Right for Your New Home?

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Are you constructing a new home for your family? You may need to choose the right flooring type and it is a quite big decision. You may also need Martin Stainless Steel to make the floor’s inner area more durable and strong. The floor of the house holds some of the materials that make the house nice. For some people, it is like a wood floor. In the market today there are many different types of flooring materials. Each of which has different properties. Deciding to use it should take into account the needs and benefits of the use of our home. Wood flooring is popular and widely used today, such as

  1. Solid Wood or whole piece of real wood. 

It is the basic material that anyone can think of to work in flooring. Because wood feels warm and looks affordable, most of the wood is used as hardwood. Such as maca, red wood, padauk wood, foreign wood Or softwood like teak Which gives a beautiful pattern The price of this wood floor is expensive. But feels very good Gives a good, durable texture, but because of the current wood It is a rare and expensive material, so other materials are used to replace wood panels such as parquet, laminate, etc. If it gets wet, you need to wipe it quickly and be careful with scratches that could easily build up. In addition, there may be a problem with the contraction. At present, the flooring will be paved over the concrete. Causing no noise when walking

  1. Parquet wood 

It is made of real wood. But is much smaller than the type of floor plank Therefore cheaper Because it can use the leftover wood from making the planks There are both slip-ons. And did not penetrate Able to choose patterns and layering patterns Another important thing to be aware of in paving is that the concrete must be completely dry. Ready to make waterproofing with glue, must be good, lay the parquet, then have to leave it for a long time to allow the glue to dry before polishing And must not press the parquet sheets too tightly Otherwise it may bend, explode when the weather changes. How to lay parquet floors Use the sand-leveling method, polish the surface, and then proceed to laying the wood floor with polyurethane.

  1. Laminate 

Laminate is a flooring material that replaces real wood and parquet. It has more advantages in terms of faster installation times. Its surface is more resistant to scratches, pressure and impact. And can choose the face color to be the desired pattern It is heat resistant to a certain extent, resistant to chemicals and non-combustible, the floor does not collect dust and germs. Easy cleaning In addition, the installation of laminate floors is easy, hassle-free and can be re-laid immediately if needing to move. But the disadvantage of laminate flooring is that it is not able to scrub the surface of the laminate floor and then re-paint the same color as real wood. And the service life is at least 10-15 years. The distinctive features of the laminate are as follows.

How to Set the floor with different types of wood?

Wood flooring Must be designed and detailed prior to laying. To get a beautiful wooden floor Start from finding the laying line And fragments of the sheet do not fit beautifully Or pieces of wood must be left evenly on both sides of the floor. There are several methods for laying the floor, such as

  1. The wooden floor is approached. Using the method of laying hardwood, size 1 ”x 1”, baking or applying anti-termite solution to the structural floor. By adjusting the level of the back to be evenly flat And leveling sand mortar Always polish the surface of the wood. And then proceed to laying the wooden floor By holding on to the placed tong Dong, the hardwood to be used must be new. If there is, it should be used wood that has been used for structural timber.
  2. Wood floor, leave the groove. Use the 2 "x 4" hardwood base method to bake or apply anti-termite detergent. Fixed to the mortar or the base of the cement that supports the float Above the structural floor And sand mortar, adjust the slope according to the polished surface to be at least 50 mm above the surface of the cement mortar, then proceed to lay the wooden floor by adhering to the laid.
  3. Parquet floor Use the sand-leveling method, polish the surface and then proceed to laying the wood floor with polyurethane.


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