The “DO NOTs” of Keeping a Tidy Home

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Not everyone is naturally tidy. For some, it takes conscious effort to keep a home neat and clean. Wishing that you were more organized and orderly isn’t going to make it happen. You must take action!  Sometimes it’s more about what you DO NOT do.  Here are 5 things people with tidy homes DO NOT do:

  1. Tidy people do not allow the mess to accumulate until it becomes overwhelming. They are smart and know that cleaning a whole house all at one time is no fun. So, they have  daily tasks and strategies for keeping their homes in order. By maintaining a routine, they prevent their homes from ever getting too messy.
  2. Tidy people never run out of cleaning supplies. Have you ever gone to clean the bathroom and realized you have no toilet bowl cleaner?  Do you remember the frustration of having to stop what you were doing to go to the store and purchase more cleaning supplies?  Tidy people do not let that happen. When you have an established routine for keeping house, it’s easy to track when you are running low on cleaning supplies. Keep a list so that next time you go to the store you will remember to pick up knew supplies before you run out.

  3. Tidy people do not play first, clean later. You won’t find a tidy person sitting on the couch watching TV while there is a sink full of dirty dishes in the kitchen. Their motto is “better now than later”.  Because really, how can you enjoy anything if you are anticipating having to do chores afterward?  Take a few minutes to get things done as needed and then you can truly enjoy your free time.
  4. Tidy people do not store things on the floor. There is no “drop and go” in a tidy person’s house. Everything has its place and there is a place for everything. Letting things stack up on the floor (think books, magazines, laundry baskets, back packs, the box of items waiting to go to the thrift store) can make your house seem a lot messier than it really is.

  5. Tidy people do not over decorate. "Flat Surface Syndrome" does not exist among tidy people. Meaning, just because there is a flat surface, that doesn’t mean it must have something on it. A highly decorated surface can often look cluttered and messy. Also, tchotchkes are dust collectors, creating more for you to clean. That doesn’t mean you can’t have any special, decorative items around your house. Just limit them so that every surface isn’t covered with them.

If you are not neat and orderly by nature, it might take a while to break bad habits and become a tidy person. Start with these five “DO NOT” tips and before you know it, you too will have a tidy home!

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