New Construction Start to Finish Daily Videos

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New Construction Start to Finish Daily Videos

What would it look like to watch a new construction start to finish?

Last week they broke ground at a lot on Thursday June 17th, 2021 and completed that excavation on Friday June 18th, 2021. Yes, there was a purchase of the lot, a dig safe order, and a survey ahead of the excavation yet I started with the excavation for video documentation purposes.

Before I continue with the video links of the construction coverage shown below, for those who wish to just start searching for new construction, New Construction in Eastern Kansas & Western Missouri will show you all the new construction homes (253 as of today's date) for Topeka KS on the west to Lawrence KS to Overland Park KS to Kansas City MO to Lees Summit MO to Warrensburg MO on the east and Saint Joseph's MO on the north to Atchison KS to Leavenworth to Olathe to Ottawa to Linn Valley to Ft. Scott KS on the south.

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New Construction Homes For Sale in Eastern Kansas and Western Missouri

Day 1 June 17, 2021 New Construction Excavation

New Construction Video Day 1


Day 2 June 18, 2021 Initial Excavation Completed

New Construction Video Day 2


June 19, 2021 off

June 20, 2021 off


Day 3 June 21, 2021 Remove Excavator, drop off rebar and lumber, and spray painted (blue) east excavated wall where more dirt was needing removal

New Construction Video Day 3


June 22, 2021 off

June 23, 2021 off


Day 4 June 24, 2021 Thursday Rain in the morning and Excavator brought back on site late afternoon to remove the dirt that needed removal

New Construction Day 4

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A bit about the market at the time of breaking ground...

1) Builders are altering their standard new construction contracts with A) No set closing date and B) No set price

2) Builders are experiencing delays where cabinets, for example, used to take 10 days to arrive are now taking 4 months to arrive

3) Builders are having to pay triple the price for lumber

4) Builders higher new construction costs and delays have made entry level new construction impossible

5) Builders are aware of the Fed likely raising interest rates quickly to ward off inflation as the Fed is forecasting 3.4% inflation for 2021 and 2.1% for 2022 which means builders will have to charge more tonew construction house buyers to cover their higher interest payments

6) Builders have lost many workers who chose to stay home and collect unemployment benefits

7) Builders know unemployment benefits just ended in Missouri for gig workers and those who are self-employed and it is expected for Kansas to end those benefots soon as well so they will be starting to get some of their lost work force back

8) Builders are aware some of their lost workforce won't be back as new business applications jumped 24% last year and remain high for 2021 meaning continued delays due to lack of workers in new construction

9) Builders have been recruiting laborers from other construction sites in an effort to build their workforce back up

10) Builders have been getting only 25% of the building permits in the past 5 years so there has been a 75% shortage for five years now which is one of the causes of the housing shortage we have been experiencing

11) Builders are aware that buyers who haven't been able to purchase a new construction house are now having to rent which is making for a rental property shortage which builders are beginning to shift more and more from single family new construction to multi-family new construction rental properties which will cause an even greater single family housing shortage than we have already

12) Builders know single family houses have fallen from 1,620 houses available in one city's market to only 56 single family houses when there is a demand for thousands of houses in that city


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Watching new builds progress is so exciting for the new home owner. Great information, thanks for sharing. Enjoy your Tuesday, don't forget the Tacos. Bill Salvatore

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