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If you have any questions or would like to get in on the ground floor of this opportunity,  please feel free to contact me.  I think that this may be the future of real estate marketing and networking and it has just launched this month!  Start your team with me today!  Look me up on under the Florida agents and let's get started. 

Frequently Asked Questions


1.   I don't know anyone looking for resort property.  Should I still join?  How will it benefit me? 

Any licensed real estate agent can join Resort Connection and participate in the numerous opportunities to earn additional revenue.  Although you may not know anyone looking for resort property at the moment, just mentioning the fact that you are part of a national resort network is bound to spark conversation. This can lead to referrals that were not part of your residential real estate business.  Just think of what one or two additional sales could do to boost your earnings; why let thousands of dollars slip through your fingers? That is the power of Resort Connection.

Joining Resort Connection has many benefits including the ability to build your own sales force. What other company lets you recruit your colleagues as members and get paid for doing do. They don't even have to be in the same brokerage as you!  Helping to build the Resort Connection network can produce a steady stream residual income from future resort sales and build true financial security for you and your family.

Finally, joining Resort Connection provides another area of distinction in your real business. Incorporate Resort Connection into your listing presentation to distinguish yourself and add more professionalism that separates you from many other agents.  Utilize your membership to renew and revisit past clients to keep them informed of exciting new market areas.  Leverage the exclusiveness of the ResortMLSTM system to research properties giving you a competitive advantage.  Participate in educational opportunities to learn how to market and sell resort property within your sphere of influence. Remember, with an ever expanding network it only takes one contact to make a sale. Assuming Resort Connection achieves 100,000 members, with only 20% making one sale that equates to 20,000 transactions.  Why let this opportunity pass you by? Join today!

2.   What is Resort Connection?

Simple stated, Resort Connection is you - A powerful online network of real estate professionals working together to sell premier resort properties.  Utilizing ResortMLSTM, the nation's first listing service dedicated to the promotion and sale of resort properties, agents can connect their clients to exquisite deals in the resort marketplace while earning additional sales revenue; revenue, which in many cases, rivals the compensation of local sales. In addition, agents can build their own business by recruiting and mentoring agents to their team, earn override compensation on their personal and agent network sales, and enjoy the rewards of being a leader in the resort marketplace.

3.   Who is Resort Connection?

Resort Connection is a privately owned company, headed by James Olin and Richard "Buddy" Boone. Jim is a 20 year veteran in resort real estate sales, having been CEO of both the largest private, and largest public New York Stock Exchange companies focused on resort property management and sales. Buddy is a 30 year veteran of residential real estate in and around the Atlanta area, and has successfully built real estate networks in the past. Founding Resort Connection on the principles of service and community, they are dedicated to maximizing your potential within the Resort Connection network.

4.   Who can join Resort Connection?

Only licensed real estate agents can join Resort Connection.

5.   How can I add my resort properties to Resort Connection?

Resort Connection is always in search of fantastic properties.  To have your development evaluated for entry into ResortMLSTM please contact Brad Dashiell at

6.   Who can I contact for questions regarding the services of Resort

Resort Connection has a great staff in place to answer all your questions.  For questions regarding member and associate services please contact Terry Warren at

7.   Which Resort Connection Affiliation should I select? What are the

Resort Connection provides three ways to join, each with its own benefits but you can only pick one. They are:

Agent/Member - ($199.95 + $12.95 per Month Service Fee)

An Agent/Member is a licensed real estate agent that purchases a Resort Connection Membership Package and may earn revenue from Referral Fees generated by their clients referred resulting in closed resort sale transactions. Referral Fees in this instance are comparable to a full sales commission and not to be confused with a typical broker-to-broker referral fee.  To assist in the sales process, members have access to ResortMLSTM, the nation's first listing service dedicated to resort property listings. An Agent/Member is not eligible to recruit and build a sales team.

Associate - ($49.95 + $3.00 per Month Service Fee)

An Associate is a licensed real estate agent that joins Resort Connection by purchasing the at-cost Resort Connection Associate Business Kit.  Associates may earn a Referral Fee profit split on closed resort sale transactions referred by their personally enrolled Agent/Members as well as their enrolled Associate/Members. An Associate can not directly sell resort property and, as such, can not access ResortMLSTM. However, Associates can access Resort Connection's member database to keep track of their recruits and their sales.  In addition, Associates may earn additional bonuses when recruiting new members to Resort Connection. It is important to note that you are not required to become a Member to enjoy many of Resort Connection's benefits.

Associate/Member - ($249.90 + $15.95 Per Month Service Fee)

An Associate Member is a licensed real estate agent that joins Resort Connection as both a Member and as an Associate and may participate in Referral Fees on personally referred clients that purchase resort properties and on Referral Fees generated by their recruit organization of Agent/Members and Associate/Members.  In addition, you may earn additional bonuses when recruiting new members to Resort Connection.  Thus, an Associate/Member has the best of both worlds. If you are serious about utilizing all the benefits of Resort Connection including earning residual income and building your own "business within a business," this is the choice for you.

8. Can I recruit agents from other brokerages outside my own?

Yes. Resort Connection allows an Associate or Associate/Member to recruit licensed real estate agents from any brokerage and in any location.  A RE/MAX agent can recruit a Keller Williams agent.  A Coldwell Banker agent can recruit a Century 21 agent.  You don't even need to be in the same state to recruit!  For example, agent Suzy SellsAlot, in Michigan, has a brother, Will SellsAlot, who is an agent in Florida.  Suzy can recruit Will and add him to her team.  It's that easy.

9. What is the difference between an Enroller and a Sponsor?

Adding new agents to your team is fun and exciting.  When you are the cause of a new agent's application to Resort Connection you are the "Enroller."  However, depending on your business strategy, you have the opportunity to work directly or indirectly with this individual. When working directly with this agent you also become the "Sponsor."


An existing Associate of any rank that first explains the benefits of Membership

to a licensed real estate agent that becomes a Member or explains the Resort

Connection business to potential new Associates, and subsequently helps them to

enroll as Associates.  


An Associate of any rank who is managing your Sales Organization, and is

generally responsible for the day-to-day coaching, encouragement and assistance

of the Agent/Members, Associates and Associate/Members in their Sales


10. Why would I want to enroll an agent and not be their sponsor?

Building a team takes some planning.  Perhaps you recruit an agent in another state.  While you are the "Enroller" you may want this agent's day to day activities managed by another person who resides in the same state.  With any company, explosive growth must be managed.  Maybe your recruiting is going so well you don't have time to manage each team member or perhaps you want to reward someone in your "downline" with a new recruit to seed their business.  The choice is yours.

11. Can I earn additional revenue through team building?

Absolutely. An Associate or Associate/Member has the ability to earn additional revenue while creating their own Resort Connection team.  Additional revenue comes in the form of enrollment bonuses and overrides when recruiting new Members or Associate Members.

12. How does a Resort Connection referral fee differ from a traditional one?

 Agents who participate in a traditional referral fee know that they can customarily earn approximately 25% of the gross sales commission.  For instance, if the gross sales commission on a $400,000 home is 3%, then the referring agent may earn only one quarter of that 3%, or $3,000. Resort Connection utilizes it strength of network and offerings to garner referral fees which are much higher than a traditional referral fee, often rivaling a traditional full commission.  Although your Resort Connection referral fee starts at 35% of the gross sales commission, this commission may approach 7%.  Thus, in the same example, your referral fee would be $9,800 - 3 times greater!  Through recruiting and/or sales production you can even move your referral fee split up to 50%.

13. What is the difference between an Associate and a Member?

The main difference is that a Resort Connection Member is able to sell property directly and utilize the ResortMLSTM system; A Member can not recruit.  An Associate is just the opposite and can not sell property directly, but can recruit and build teams and participate in overrides the sales the team produces.

14. What is ResortMLSTM?

ResortMLS is the nation's first listing service dedicated to the aggregation of resort properties around the world. Entries include second homes, resort property, urban condos, and more. Access to ResortMLS is restricted to those real estate agents affiliated with Resort Connection.

15. I've recruited a large network.        How can I keep track of my sales team's production?

Resort Connection has implemented a seamless transaction manager that allows Associates and Associate/Members to track their team's performance.  Number of sales, commissions paid, and membership hierarchy are just a small sample of data that can be retrieved.

16. What is contained in the Associate Business Kit? 

The Associate Business Kit contains everything you'll need to get started building a productive, resort sales team.  Associates will receive a marketing kit, training, member services support, and organizational reports to track your hierarchy and its sales production. The cost of the kit is $49.95 with a monthly service fee of $3.00.

17. How can I make additional revenue through selling resort property?

Resort Connection provides a number of ways to profit from selling resort property.  In fact, there are 4 ways to profit.  The first is earning a split of the referral fee based on the actual sale. Since Resort Connection gains leverage through increased membership, this revenue can be comparable to a traditional, full commission sale.  The second is through unilevel fees. That is, by building your team, you can earn an additional 2% of the referral fee up to 4 levels deep in your organization.  The third way is through a 4% enroller fee which lets you override your enrollee's sales production through two levels of members you enroll.  Finally, you can earn a check match bonus on these same two levels ranging from 6% to 10%.  Thus, as you can see,  Associates and Associate/Members can significantly increase their profitability by creating a strong organization.

18. How can I integrate resort sales into my business plan?    Is there training available?

Selling resort property will become second nature when joining Resort Connection.  Think of an entire organization focused only on selling resort properties.  From innovative training and responsive customer service, to networking and one-on-one experiences with your sponsor, you will quickly gain the confidence you need to sell and/or recruit a team.  Resort Connection was established to get you started quickly while giving you the personal attention needed for success.

19. How many agents can I recruit into Resort Connection?  Is there a limit?

Resort Connection places no boundaries on your recruiting.  Giving you the ability to create your own "business within a business" is one of the facets that makes Resort Connection so popular with agents around the nation.  There is no limit to the number of agents you can recruit.

20. Can Resort Connection assist my clients with financing?

Resort Connection is in constant search for the best partners available in the industry.  We are fortunate to have a great relationship with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage who can tailor a financing package for the most discriminating of clients. 

21. Can I use my affiliation with Resort Connection as a sales tool to gain a new listing?

Absolutely!  In fact, when you are soliciting for a new listing your Resort Connection affiliation offers you a global market for that listing.  This would be a great sales tool to gain the listing at a resort property or community.  By placing the listing on the Resort MLS Resale site (Coming Soon), your client's property will gain maximum exposure to the entire Resort Connection network and their customers (Hundreds of thousands).  Remember, ONLY Resort Connection members have access to the website!!!


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