Design with Modern White Kitchen Cabinets in Small Kitchen

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Many modern homes use white kitchen cabinets. They are timeless and often stay on-trend. Installing modern white kitchen cabinets is a great idea for your new kitchen remodeling. But you will need to understand the pros and cons for you to decide.

We’ll share some of the benefits and drawbacks of white cabinetry in your modern kitchen.

Pro: Make the kitchen feel bigger

On top of the list of the reasons why you need to install white kitchen cabinets is the fact that they make the kitchen feel bigger. This is all pegged on the power of illusion. White is an excellent color that creates an illusion of space. This is because the color reflects light instead of absorbing it.

Many homeowners with small kitchen floors prefer white cabinetry because of this benefit. So, if your kitchen is small, you can install white cabinetry to cover up that space.

Con: May make the kitchen feel too big

If you have a large kitchen, you might not want to install white kitchen cabinets because they will make your kitchen feel too big. A kitchen should be cohesive and having an illusion of an extremely big kitchen doesn’t help in making the kitchen feel cohesive.

Pro: Easy to repair

Modern white kitchen cabinets are easy to repair because it is easy to access white paint. You won’t need special paint to get the work done.

Con: Requires regular cleaning

White shows dirt easily. This means that you have to wipe or clean it often. This creates a new set of tasks for you. It is a disadvantage if you work alone in the kitchen where you have to do all the cleaning by yourself.

Pro: They are great for resale

If you are using cabinetry to add value to your home, then modern white kitchen cabinets are the best that you can have. The real estate market is receptive to this color and considers it a marketable color option. You will have an increased home value choosing the color white against other color options.

Con: Not all shades are the same

 Not all the shades of white are the same. This means that you can’t just have any shade of white and use it for contrast. You might need expert advice to get it right. This might come at an extra cost.

With this information, you can now decide whether modern white kitchen cabinets are an option that you would want to explore.

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I love following Rono on his kitchen ideas. Great information, thanks for the share.  We made it to Friday-eve, the weekend is in sight.  Make thursday an productive one.  Bill Salvatore

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Great information.   Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day!

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