Benefits of Glass Pool Fencing in a Commercial Property

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Australia has strict laws about pool fencing and glass pool fencing is quickly becoming one of the most popular pool fencing choices. Businesses with pools on their properties have to balance cost considerations with the need to ensure safety and create a beautiful pool area for the enjoyment of guests or residents. Using glass pool fencing means they don’t have to compromise between safety and style.


Glass fencing is a good choice for commercial properties because maintenance is very easy. It simply needs weekly cleaning with water and glass cleaning products. Other kinds of fencing require much more time, energy and money to keep them in good condition. 

Glass fencing is resistant to harsh weather conditions and to chlorine-based pool water, which doesn’t have the same harmful effect as it would on steel or aluminum. Breaking of the glass panels is almost impossible and they won’t rust. 

For commercial property owners looking for glass pool fencing Dandenong, Ultimate Frameless Glass has been meeting customers’ needs since 2003. The company’s reputation is built on obligation-free advice, the best quality materials and processes, reliable service and exceptional results. 


Commercial property owners have to create an appealing environment, whether it’s for guests in hotels or residents in housing complexes. Using toughened engineered SGP glass means commercial property owners can go for a 100% glass solution that offers a modern, elegant, and minimalistic look. This means the pool itself remains the centerpiece and focal point of any outdoor area. 

Glass fencing gives a clear view into the pool area without any obstructions and increases the beauty of the pool area whether it is on a rooftop, patio or terrace. The glass is almost invisible so it doesn’t interrupt the natural visual flow of the space. 

Safety and reduced liability

It is mandatory to install fencing around a pool in Australia. Commercial pools will have a higher volume of swimmers than residential pools and property owners, therefore generally experience heightened liability due to risks of drowning. 

While there is never a substitute for adult supervision for children, they have to make sure they have effective safety measures in place to help minimize risks. A glass fence is durable, unbreakable and complies with industry requirements and regulations. It offers a formidable barrier against unauthorized entry to a pool area and will keep unsupervised children out. 

Accidents can be easily spotted through the glass, too, so assistance can be provided immediately. Safety is of prime importance to commercial property owners who don’t want to run the risk of being sued for accidents.


Any improvements to the commercial property have to be carefully considered taking costs, benefits and expected return on investment (ROI) into account. Glass fencing will cost more upfront but less money is needed for maintenance and the overall appearance can add to the bottom line of the commercial property. 

People will take away a very favorable impression and even share photos on social media which can significantly boost the reputation of the property and increase its value over the long term. 

Custom fitting

Glass fencing can be custom-fitted to suit the specific needs of a commercial property. From the first consultation and quote through to completion, commercial property owners need the right company to offer the type of attention to detail necessary to make the project a success. 

Nothing can compare to the sense of space, elegance and light that glass pool fencing provides and using a reputable company offers peace of mind when it comes to the quality of the glass and its installation. 


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