6 Bathroom Lighting Tips

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Are you one of the 74 percent of Canadian homeowners who planned home improvements last year? Remodeling your house can give an old place a new lease of life, and the bathroom is a great place to start.

But when you're considering bathroom renovations, you need to think about lighting. Winter in Alberta means a late sunrise and early sunset. So, one of your bathroom lighting rules needs to be to have ample light all day long.

But what's the best lighting for a small bathroom? And should you choose recessed lighting or a ceiling mount for bathroom chic? Keep reading for our six top bathroom lighting tips.

1. Overhead Bath or Shower Light

The space directly above your bath or shower needs to be well-lit. Recessed ceiling lights above your shower are both beautiful and practical, letting you bathe in comfort day or night.

And because they're flush against the surface, they don't take up any space, making them one of the most perfect small bathroom lighting ideas ever.

2. Downlit Niches

If you want your bathroom to feel like a hotel spa, the answer is simple: add lighting to your bathroom niches. These little nooks in your shower or bathroom walls act as shelves for your toiletries and decor items.

Top tip: for a peaceful retreat, add recessed lighting to the top of your niche. Then throw in a reed diffuser and some rolled-up face towels, and you'll be ready for your facial.

3. Alcove Bath Panel Lighting

If you're looking for more small bathroom lighting ideas, lighting up your alcove bath could be the way to go. Alcove bathtubs usually have a long tub apron that's just crying out to be lit up.

Adding recessed lights underneath the tub apron panel will give any bathroom an exciting lighting feature. And again, the lights take up so little space, small bathrooms will love them.

4. Sink Lights

The bathroom sink is a workhorse, and it needs a lot of light. You brush your teeth at it, wash your hands and face, and do your makeup. For all those reasons and more, it needs to be a well-lit bathroom feature.

Use tube or recessed lighting above a sink, wall sconces on either side or a mixture of both. This will give you uninterrupted light for those important daily tasks.

5. Illuminate Your Mirror

Another way to light up the area around your sink is to install an LED mirror. An illuminated mirror offers more direct light when you need it most.

And some mirrors include an illuminated touch button. We find this gentle, soft light perfect for those nighttime bathroom trips.

6. Size Matters

Finally, when you're thinking about your bathroom lighting needs, the size of your fittings matters. For smaller bathrooms, avoid large, low-hanging ceiling lights like pendants. Recessed lighting and smaller wall sconces will give the greater sense of space you're looking for.

For large bathrooms, we'd go to the other end of the scale. To draw the space together, large, bold pendant lights are a great option on the ceiling. But you'll still want to add in recessed lighting over the main functional areas, like the shower, sink, and bath.

Bathroom Renovations Calgary: Six Bathroom Lighting Tips

When planning your bathroom renovations in Calgary, the right lighting is a must. To counter those short winter days, make sure the bathtub, shower, and sink are well-lit for year-round practicality.

For smaller bathrooms, opt for smaller fittings and recessed lighting that will add elegance to your space without the bulk. And for larger bathrooms, a variety of lighting options will bring your decor together and create a spa retreat at home.

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