Rawalpindi Real Estate Forecast 2022: Popular Places to Invest

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Rawalpindi is the country's fourth-largest city of Pakistan. A property and real estate boom is now taking place in Rawalpindi.

The prices are quite high and are just rising. Property investors are vying for prime properties in several cities, and the prices are already outlandish. Prices are now about five times higher what they were a few years ago.

Rawalpindi real estate market is now a sellers' market because no one is buying anymore. Both buyers and sellers are delaying their purchases while waiting for a price hike. Is it worthwhile, though? Are home prices expected to increase further, or is the bubble about to burst?

Rawalpindi Real Estate Market In 2022?

Real estate trends, however, come and go, and the real estate market is continuously shifting. You can't anticipate things to remain the same for very long in this industry because of how locally specialized it is, with diverse conditions in every city, state, and metro area.

Since change is inevitable, trends will inevitably evolve throughout time as well. We are going to look at them.

Islamabad, Pakistan's capital, and its twin city, Rawalpindi, are also fantastic investment locations with high rates of return. Along with a strong return on investment and rental revenue, the city's beauty and tranquility have a significant impact on residents.

Bahria Town and DHA are the two primary residential communities in the twin cities that provide a decent return on your investment.

In addition to the above mentioned two societies, the following societies are making rounds in Rawalpindi real estate:

New Metro City Gujar Khan

Capital Smart City

Park View City

Blue World City

The construction of the Ring Road and GT Road near Rawalpindi would make it easier for locals to access far-off projects like New Metro City Gujar Khan and Bahria Town, New Metro City Gujar Khan location is close to GT road.

The most opulent but still reasonably priced areas for both residential and business investment are New Metro City Gujar Khan, DHA and Bahria Town.

The Purchase Frenzy for Long-Term Projects

The real estate market has been fairly busy in the second half of 2022 despite the ongoing political and pandemic issues, and investments are coming in from both local and foreign Pakistanis.

The twin cities currently have a number of investment opportunities that are drawing a sizable portion of investment. Many people believe that this is the ideal time to make investments in the market. They are purchasing and investing in house developments whose construction will still take years.

Consider the different housing societies that are sprouting up just a few kilometers from these main cities. Plots in the majority of these societies are valued in lacs

Plots for investors and clientele with lower budgets are available through societies like Capital Smart City, New Metro City Gujar Khan, Rudn Enclave, and Blue World City on installments. To draw customers, these societies are utilizing the Rawalpindi Ring Road project to their advantage.

New Metro City Gujar Khan

When it comes to maintaining its leading position in the real estate market trend 2022, New Metro City Gujar Khan/Rawalpindi is at the top of its game. The society is located in the heart of important routes and destinations i.e., GT road, which makes its location appealing.

The application for a certificate of no objection from New Metro City Gujar Khan will soon be approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). The fact that investors have been so enthusiastic, especially at this early stage, is impressive. The NOC will probably be purchased by society from RDA in the upcoming months. New Metro City Gujar Khan Payment Plan 2022 Launching Soon.

Importance of New Metro City Gujar Khan Location

New Metro City Gujar Khan is on main GT Road. Road is under CDA's control. There are roughly 8 schools and institutions in the neighborhood along Main G.T. Road, with the Institute of Space Technology - IST and Muhammad Ali Jinnah University standing out (MAJU).

The existence of 4 clinics in the neighborhood shows that the locals have access to medical amenities. Additionally, a range of culinary alternatives, from Continental to Desi, are offered.

In the neighborhood, these eateries include KFC - Bahria Town, Ali Bhai & Sons Dahi Bhale, and Kins Crunchy Chicken.

In terms of accessibility, Zero Point in Islamabad is 17.5 kilometers distant from Main G.T. Road, while the New International Airport is 38 km away.


Real estate market trends are constantly shifting and evolving. The Rawalpindi real estate market trend has steadily demonstrated extraordinary levels of success, and it will shortly continue to flourish.

Globe Estate and Builders strongly advises that you put your money where it will grow, in New Metro City Gujar Khan.


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