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Tips for Sellers in the Current Market

Real Estate Agent

I have been trying to think of little tips that I can impart on my clients to help them show and eventually sell the best features of their home.  Other realtors have suggested that keeping homes sparkling clean is a great advantage for any showing.  I have seen a few great homes that don't show well because of current occupants/renters that just don't seem to care.  The key to any good showing is to keep the home as free from clutter as possible.  Even now real estate agents are wrestling with telling home sellers to pack up their personal pictures and albums as a way of depersonalizing the property.  When I was selling my first home many years ago, I was told to take all my family photos and even some of my beloved art work down so that any prospective buyer can better envision themselves in the home.  I can see it was great sound advice that we as agents must somehow stress before any showing.  

As the owner, if you have renters make sure you communicate that you're goal is to sell the property and that every "Open House" will need the property to be clean, and clutter free as much as possible.

Before you get ready to sell your home, remember to check the following areas so that your house can show well.  I would even recommend that if you're not sure about potential issues with your home, get it inspected before you list with me. Once you know that your home is ready to sell - we can work together to show it off!

As a home seller you should check the following:

  • Bathroom - clean tubs, check bathroom tile caulking and grout for mold and cracks
    • You might invest in a new shower curtain/liner for the bath
  • Kitchens - check under sinks and around pipes for any leaks or water
    • Remove as many countertop items as you can
    • Clean stoves and ovens
    • Clean sinks and remove any debris
  • Basement - sweep clean 
    • Store boxes for packing in the basement - its always a great sign for buyers 

Hope these few tips can help you. There is still a lot of inventory on the market so every time we have an Open House, it's a great time for me to position your house, its great features apart from all the other homes on the market.