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Talking about quaint little Tarpon Springs, FL

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Tarpon Springs is a quaint little town with a Greek Heritage. It was the Sponge Diving capital of the world at one time. I drove out on the Sponge Docks today and was thinking how very scenic it is, with the boats, the souvenier shops, and the Greek restaurants. There are always plenty of tourists walking around checking out the natural sponges.  

The Downtown is made up of small businesses in older buildings. There is antique shops, restaurants, a department store/shoe repair, and a butcher shop. There is a large beautiful Greek Church that is a great place for weddings and other occasions. Right down from downtown is the Spring Bayou. They have the famous Greek Epipany Celebration and the Diving for the Cross.

I wish I could put in writing what a wonderful place to live Tarpon Springs is. There are many small towns in Florida, but none are like beautiful Tarpon Springs.

Back to the real estate part of this blog. Tarpon Springs   homes ranging from ones that  are historic with wrap around porches overlooking the Bayous , to new condos, to small fixer-uppers. There are all price ranges to choose from. Come and visit this wonderful area and you'll fall in love.