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Construction Loans and Permanent Finance for Residential Properties.

   Powerful "One Time Close" program provides construction financing, Lot Purchase and Permanent loan, all wrapped in one. Why worry about re-qualifying, re-appraisals or incur additional closing costs?

Construction finance is a specialized field. To better serve your needs, we assign you an expert consultant from the moment you apply. He/She will work with you from the very beginning until the funding day, making the process smooth and seamless.

How Does It Work?

   This is a "One Time Close" new home construction loan program to finance the construction of a primary residence or a second home providing both the construction financing and permanent loan all in one closing.  This means that you sign only one set of loan documents and do not have to worry about re-qualifying, re-appraisals, additional closing costs or signing additional loan documents. 

ou can lock in the permanent rate at closing, and have up to 12 months to complete your new home construction.  During the this period, interest is charged only on the funds that have been disbursed.  When the construction is completed, the permanent loan period begins.

Unlike a purchase transaction of an existing home, New Home Construction loans involves determining the value of something that is not yet constructed! To assist the appraiser and the lender in determining the value of the home after it is built, information must provided as to:-

•·                What is going to be built or constructed?

•·                What materials are going to be used?

•·                How much will the material cost?

•·                How much is the actual work going to cost?

•·                How much did the land cost, what is it worth today?

•·                How much will be spent on plans and permits?

You will have two more very important item to be concerned with; they are your choice of the general contractor who will be awarded the contract and the actual text of the construction contract.

rom the general contractor, we will need a resume and a builder's application to be completed along with a credit check. This is for your protection as well the new home construction lenders requirement, which ensures that he/she is experienced, has a proven tract record, and will be able to perform under the terms of the contract. Each general contractor approval is good for six months. The fact that we approve a general contractor should not imply that we guarantee his/her work and/or performance.


The actual text of the new home construction loans contract is included in our application package. This is a standard contract that should be used. You should avoid using the services of a contractor who insists on using another text.

In addition to the above, we will of course need the standard income and credit documentation that is required in any real estate transaction.


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