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Why Eagles Trace in Acton Maine is the absolute best choice for 55 and Older Active Adults

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With the housing market as it is and fuel prices being a real concern many people 55 or older are looking for a true money saving alternative when it comes to selecting where they want to live. In most states property taxes are forcing retired people to sell their homes and move into a home that is of lesser quality or size than they are acustomed to. It is for this reason many people are looking at Maine as the right place to retire. The only obstacle they are running into is the realization that they are not able to sell their home for what it would have 2-3 years ago. Once they come to terms with this though there is a true alternative...EAGLES TRACE. The prices of the homes being sold are anywhere from $75K to $125K less than other communities, the taxes are VERY LOW averaging around $2200 per year and they are heated with propane gas which is almost half the price of oil heat. The size of the homes range from 1100 to 2100SF and the lots are 1.2 to 2.25 acres. Anyone selling their home at the value of today's market can purchase one of these homes and offset the lower selling price of their home with the value they receive when buying a home in Eagles Trace. They can also afford to stay there without the threat of being forced out of their home because of higher taxes and the increased cost of heating with oil. Taking all of this into consideration TODAY is the right time to sell their home and purchase a new home in Eagles Trace a 55 and older community located in Acton, Maine. Please take the time to visit the website www.eaglestrace.us or call 207-636-2550

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