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August 27th, 2008    

 With the recent and very sad flooding of the St.Johns river system there will be a need to rebuild - On Time, Under Budget, and with High Quality.  There will no doubt be an onslaught of contractors positioning themselves to take advantage and perform shoddy work or outright de-fraud unsuspecting homeowners.  If your house is currently flooded I would recommend securing your contractor right-away.  A qualified and experienced home repair contractor will help you navigate the insurance claim and give you a huge advantage.  Also, securing your contractor early will promote quicker turnaround.  Here are a few topics to consider.

1.  Hire a contractor that is local.  It would be best if the contractor specializes in your county.  Reputation is everything in this business and a reputable contractor will not risk his reputation at any cost.

2.  Look for experience in Storm Damage Contracting.  There is a huge difference between contracting under normal circumstances versus unexpected natural disasters.  An experienced contractor will help you negotiate with your insurance adjuster and will also understand the need to schedule quickly.

3.  Hire a licensed contractor!  Simply go to www.myfloridalicense.com to verify a contractors license.  Why anyone would not do this is crazy!  Homeowners believe they will save money and this will always cost you more.  Experienced licensed professionals know how to save you more money-- it is that simple!  Besides, unlicensed activity is illegal.

4.  Focus on quality - demand the best pricing - and ask for schedules!


David Edwards is a State Certified General Contractor CGC1505116.  Seminole County, Winter Springs, Florida.  407-232-3377

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