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Identity Restoration Protection

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In today's era of high technology is it every easy for people to find out private data about almost anyone.  This puts almost everyone at risk of Identity theft and its disasterous consequences. This is not limited by geography becuase of the power of the Internet.  Most of your personal data including your social security is available to someone with a computer and some level of sophistication.

This a larger concern than mere credit card fraud because most major card companies offer protetcion.  The real concern has catastrophic consequences.  A common and pervavsive problem is ID theft using your social security number and securing bank loans or second mortgagees for which you are liable.

You can protect yourself inexpensively by selecting the Identity Restoration Protection option for a modest premium.  At Allstate, our solution provides up to $25,000 in monies and a contract with Kroll International in order to work through the process to restore your indentity. This allows you to retain highly skilled personnel to assist you in the restoration.  Many times this can take a few months and you need experienced professional to guide you through the ordeal.

identity theft should be taken seriously. You should absolutelly have an insurance. In addition to having an insurance it's a good idea to daily monitor your credit. If someone applied for a loan or opened account under your name or your social security yu'll get an alert. One good program is PrivacyMatters123: http://identity.privacymatters.com/
Apr 17, 2007 02:38 AM