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Dripping WET and not proud of it!!!!!!!!!!!

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I go the extra mile...heck we all do right?

So when the home inspector says the water heater needs to be drained or replaced my poor little cute customer gets real small and helpless looking.  She is a single female...with no parents or boyfriend around.

I like to think of myself as a handyman so I volunteer to come over (save her a few bucks) drain the water heater for her and then I'm the HERO!

All you have to do is hook a hose up to it, turn the nozzle and let it drain into the street...right?

How come this stupid thing won't drain?  It is dripping like a 50 year water faucets. 

Texas is hot in the summer time; I am wearing my best suit not a tool belt.  I need to speed this process up!!!

How do you speed the process up?  You start messing with it.  Of course you can't mess with it with the water turned off (how would you know if you fixed the drip). 

I should have turned the water off...next thing I know I am standing there in front of two gorgeous women dripping wet in my best suit while this water heater is blasting me with all the force it can muster up.  I can't run, I have to stop the gusher from soaking all her moving boxes.  The good news is the water heater only holds around 40 gallons so eventually it stops on its own. The other good news is that she had turned her water heater off so she saved me a trip to the emergency room.  All that's left to do now is ring myself out, try not to look these women in the eyes, pack up my pride and drive home sopping wet.

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Funny story, and I bet it's true?????

Oct 01, 2008 10:03 AM