Kids in the Kitchen

Home Inspector with HouseMaster of Lake Norman

I love to cook, and that is something that I can share with my children! They love helping me chop, stir, whip and bake to make a one-of-a-kind edible creation. It is fairly simple to incorporate ideas to make your kitchen kid-friendly, whether you are starting from scratch with new construction, remodeling, or just making a few changes to your existiing kitchen.

  • Keep some storage shelves low for kid's snacks so they can help themselves. If low storage is not an option, keep a sturdy stool close by for safer climbing.
  • For new construction or remodeling projects, consider choosing rounded edge countertops and putting them lower for easy reach. Fun and Family suggests If you want to combine a cooktop and a seating area in an island or peninsula, raise the countertop section between them to create a small backsplash and protective barrier. This arrangement complies with the National Kitchen & Bath Association's (NKBA) suggested 9-inch minimum perimeter between cooktops and other areas.
  • Make appliances accessible. Think about the things your children use, and sacrifice the space on your counterspace for convenience.
  • Make sure you have plenty of locks for the hazardous items in your kitchen.

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