Election Day 2008

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It seemed like it would never arrive...Here it is, Election Day 2008! 

Can you believe it? Haven't we all been waiting for this day for 8 years or does it just feel like that? 

Two weeks ago, I spent several hours going through my ballot, trying to decipher what choices to make. I am comfortable with my choices and have made no changes to my original selections. 

I got up very early this morning to attempt to be the first one at my local polling place. I arrived at 6:01am in the rain only to learn that they don't open until 7:00am! Wow, I should have known that. I had planned this very carefully, or so I thought. 

Since my office is 25 miles from my home and I had a couple of conference calls already scheduled, it wasn't an option for me to wait. I know that I can vote all the way up until 8:00pm and hope to be able to get back to the polling place by then. I really believe that my vote can make a difference and will do everything I can to get there in time. I hope you feel the same way, everyone's vote does count and it is a great privilege to have.

Here's what I really look forward to... 

The end of the Bush era, the end of Obama and McCain telling us what they plan to do for our country, let's just get one of them in there and let them start working on the changes they are looking to make. I also look forward to the end of the recorded phone calls trying to sway me to vote a certain way, the end of the junk mail that clogs my P.O. Box and tries to sway me to vote a certain way, the end of the political emails from my friends, neighbors and family that assume I'm going to vote for the same things that they are, the end of people waving signs at me from street corners and the end of the signs placed here, there and everywhere. 

I'm glad that today has finally arrived and will be even happier tomorrow when I know that it really is over. We have arrived at an historic day in our wonderful Country, get out and vote!  


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Sandy McAlpine
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You are definitely right! i am tired of all this election coverage!! we need to focus on something positive!

Nov 04, 2008 03:07 AM