Your credit score

Services for Real Estate Pros with Mitigation Online Consultants

Your credit score is determined by the difference between your positive credit and negative credit.  Mitigation Online Consultants are experts at advising our clients how to repair their damaged credit.  Improving your credit score works to save you money due to the fact that lenders will give you a more palatable interest rate the better your credit is.  Improving your credit score will positively affect your finances in other areas as well, such as ability to rent, purchase or receive other types of loans.

The manner in which credit repair works is to permanently remove negative credit and allow the positive credit to pull your credit score higher.  In essence you are getting a second chance to create a good credit score.

At Mitigation Online Consultants we aim to position ourselves as an industry leading full service credit repair solution along with our strengths in mitigation and services therein.  Our process of credit repair is a 15 year old process that we update on a consistent basis to include the latest in competitive techniques as well as technology available in the industry.  We are able to effectively leverage loopholes in the Fair Credit Reporting Act and Fair Debt Collections Practices Act to permanently remove negative credit from your history.


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