Thank You For Your Service To Our Country!

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Is there anything more noble than agreeing to lay your life on the line in service of your country?  Thank you Veterans, and those currently serving overseas, for your service and dedication to America.

I am lucky to live in an area surrounded by Eglin AFB, Hurlburt AFB, Duke Field, and NAS Pensacola.  When I am driving up Hwy 85 and the fighter jets fly over low to land at Eglin AFB, it gives me chill bumps every time.  That is the sound of freedom, to me.  Every morning and evening, across the water, I can hear The Star Spangled Banner being played on Eglin as they raise and lower the flag.  When I hear this I know that every serviceman and woman has stopped whatever they were doing, turned toward the direction of the flag, and saluted in respect.  Thank you.

Not only are our past and present military personnel embodiments of the ideals that make this country great, they are some of the best citizens in our community.  Quick to volunteer when needed, dedicated to their neighborhoods, respectful, and proud.  They fly a flag in front of their home to say, I've lived this.  I fly a flag in front of my home to say..thank you. You are the reason I can fly this flag.

We don't just have to honor them on Veterans Day.  If you meet a Veteran or someone on active duty, please thank them for their service to our country.   

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