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Writing classified ads to secure seller leads is somewhat tougher than writing to secure buyer leads. But that's not to say it can't be done. It has been done, continues to be done... and, especially on the Internet (where your costs of minimal), it is most certainly worth your time.

     The key to writing for sellers is to understand that people are persuaded to act either to avoid pain (be it emotional, physical, or spiritual) or to gain pleasure (be it real or anticipatory). So, with that in mind, we'll want to design our ads to appeal to the sellers on this innate, emotional level. That is, we'll want to push some emotional hot buttons. For example, this ad promises to move the potential buyer away from loss (a pain):

7 Big Homeseller Mistakes Which Cost You a Fortune
Which of these costly homeseller mistakes will you make
when you sell your home? You don't have to make any! Call 555-1212

     Here's an example of moving towards pleasure (it addresses greed):

How to Sell Your Home for $3,000 to $7,000
More Than Your Neighbor! Free report reveal all.



For Sale By Owners: Don't even think about setting the price
for your home by looking in here. That's the SECOND
biggest mistake you can make. Want to know the FIRST?
Call for your free homeseller report. 555-1212

     If you're looking for specific sellers in a specific area, simply add "qualifiers" to your ad like this:

South Carson -- Sellers! New free online
report gives 10 Tips to Pocketing $5,447 or more
when you sell your home! Visit    

     You get the idea.  Now analyze each of these ads. Have we attracted the attention of potential sellers, have we grabbed their attention? What about the ads keep your interest? Have we stimulated a desire in you to want to know more about the information being advertised?  And finally, what action must you take if you really want to know more?

     Notice how all four elements are present in the ads. Recognize and understand the basic formula. Practice, and keep at it, over and over, every day until the formula, the idea, and the feel of this kind of ad writing becomes second nature to you. This is the ONLY WAY to gain expertise in writing good classified ads. And a GUARANTEED way to generate a number of highly responsive leads fast... both online and off!

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