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So, we all know that when you work for yourself, vacations are rarely a complete break from work.  This time I discovered that the public library in the town where my vacation home is has Internet.  They even have WiFi.  Awesome! 

My house doesn't have a telephone or Internet and it's hidden away in the mountains of North Georgia where cellular coverage is minimal.  But, I have a system.

I have an iPhone and just enough cellular coverage that I can carry on a phone conversation (only while not holding the phone so I have to use a bluetooth headset) and I can receive email messages.  OK, so it's kind of slow but at least I am not isolated.  I can hop in the car (or on the motorcycle) and in 10 minutes be in the library surfing the net.

This is GREAT.  I have been able to blog (as this post proves), correspond with customers, vendors and associates via email and even maintain my websites.

It is amazing how peaceful a vacation can be when you are NOT preoccupied with wondering what's going on.  I've read several books, go hiking every day and visited with friends, all without stressing over what's going on back home.

Oh yeah, one of the books was Gary Keller's SHIFT.  You might call it a working vacation but believe me, if I read this book at home, I would never be creative in applying it's lessons.  Because I'm not up to my neck in work, I have been able to read the book, make notes and allow my mind to consider how I can apply what I've learned.  I'm excited and looking forward to returning and adding some SHIFT magic to my business. 

Oh, one more thing.  I've been here in the mountains since Thanksgiving and will most likely stay through Christmas.  Talk about being rested and ready to rock and roll. . .  

Have a wonderful Christmas holiday and be ready for a prosperous 2009.


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Jane Baer
Jane Baer Realty - Blairsville, GA
Everything we touch turns to SOLD

I'm so glad you have been able to enjoy the peacefulness of our mountains and still get some work done. Phyllis and I have really enjoyed meeting you and getting to know you. When you head back to Florida we are really going to miss you around here. You have become a very special friend!

Dec 16, 2008 04:47 AM