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www.FlaglerHomeAuctions.com is a new and innovative online real estate auction network that auctions properties in Flagler County, Florida including Palm Coast, Flagler Beach, Bunnell and the Hammock.  It is a fully cooperative Auction Network that benefits the entire real estate community, including Buyers, Sellers, Realtors, and related industries such as Banks, Mortage Brokers, Title Companies, Appraisers, and Home Inspectors.

FlaglerHomeAuctions.com is EASY and works similar to eBay, but for local Real Estate!

In this blog, we will outline the benefits for Buyers (Bidders).  We will outline Seller and Realtor benefis in subsequent postings.


1. Get a Better Deal! - Auctions tend to sell the most motivated properties, and therefore whether they are Foreclosures/Bank-Owned, Motivated Sellers, Short Sales, Vacant Homes, or Builder Inventory, Buyers can get a better deal at auctions.

2. It's EASY! - FlaglerHomeAuctions.com only holds online auctions.  While you absolutely will have an opportunity to see the auctioned properties, all bidding is easily done online 24/7 from the comfort of your home.  There is no need to take time off from work or other obligations at an inconvenient time to attend a live auction (often times during the week during business hours!), as most other live auction companies require.

3. Name Your Own Price! - You easily name your own price by only bidding to your maximum amount without pressure!

4. See All Bids in Real Time! - Only Online Auctions can provide complete market transparency REAL TIME as bids come in.  You can see how many other bids have been made, how much they are, and whether the reserve has been met (if applicable).

5. Immediate Outbid Notification! - FlaglerHomeAuctions.com is a sophisticated system (like eBay), and can notify you when you've been outbid by another bidder so you don't the lose the option of bidding again and missing out on a great deal!

6. Flexible Financing! - Unlike most auctions, when you buy on FlaglerHomeAuctions.com, you can use any lender you want, the same as any normal home purchase.  Most auctions either do not allow for financing contingencies at all, or require you to use their designated lender in order to have a financing contingency in the contract.

7. Low Deposit Requirement - Only 3% is required at Auction Close.  Most Auction Companies require a minimum of $5,000-$25,000 simply to bid, and may require a 10% deposit up front upon winning the auction!  We strive to make it affordable and easy to purchase on FlaglerHomeAuctions.com, and with similar flexibility as a normal purchase.

8. FREE Home Warranty Included! - A FREE Home Warranty is included with every home purchase over $100,000 (subject to terms & conditions) to give Buyers added comfort in their purchase.  Currently the Home Warranty is offered through First American, a national and reputable home warranty provider.

9. Bidding is FREE! - Bidding is not only easy, but it's FREE.  There is a one-time $1 verification fee when you create your account for identification purposes, and all bidding is FREE without having to provide a large certified check on deposit in advance.

Visit www.FlaglerHomeAuctions.com to find your deal today!


FlaglerHomeAuctions.com Logo


FlaglerHomeAuctions.com is a cooperative Real Estate Auction Network.   Real Estate Services provided by Resident Real Estate Network and Cooperating Real Estate Brokers/Agents.

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