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The stimulus package is nothing more than another power grab of our freedoms by congress.  Please note it always starts with "crisis." 

Not too long ago a wise man stated that, "In the current economic crisis government is not the solution to the problem, government is the problem."  Ronald Reagan knew that government can not produce one solitary good or service such as socialistic programs requiring taxation.  Direct taxes such as property and income are punitive and confiscative of the tools necessary to create commerce.  All Reagan was doing was falling back on the principles of our Founders.  If one were to study the Fedelalist Papers which was authored by the experts on The Constitution and the need for Federal Government one would find wanrings against such raising of taxes such as income and property taxes.  The Founders reserved these taxes for emergency needs such as real crisis.  Now we live in an age of constant crisis. 

Jefferson warned greatly against opportunists as they will make the best of every opportunity to grab power.  Crisis is the key to opportunity.  The media and the politicians bring us so called crisis everyday.

Giving money from the government to banks and corporations will stimulate the economy but temporarily and without real significance.  Let us look at another way to stimulate the economy and that is eliminate property and income taxes.  There are three avenues the tax savings will most likely go.  First a good portion will spend on goods and services, consumption which is now already taxed.  This consumption will employee someone else.  Two some will pay off debt this stimiulating and giving liquidity to the banks who have been claiming desparate need for bailout.  Three others will place in some sort of savings or investment and again the banks or corporations through issuance of stocks, bonds... will receive liquid funds to employ.  The whole time this free exercise of money is being used the government will receive funds through consumption taxes which are at this point over bearing as well, but never the less it is generating a whole bunch of revenue to the government.  With the elimination of punitive taxes like income and property more money will be spent in the private sector for the advancement of individuals dreams and ambitions.  This is real long term stimulus.

The problem with eliminating the current property and income tax system is that it will displace government control back to the individual people and will make opportunites and crisis harder to come by.  The gpovernment needs income and property taxes in order to control its power to regulate us in ways they wre never intended to do so.  Again I challenge the reader of this article to study the founding of this country and understand its rise to greatness which preceded the current economic and regulatory policies of the modern day and that if we keep going in the current direction we will not have the freedom to choose our path way to the American Dream.  All property rights real and other will be eliminated like it is in this slow death we see before us. 

Lastly, ask yourself the question where is the money coming from to stimulate the economy?  If we tax the rich and then give them the money back where does that leave you and me, the individual?  Should corporations receive welfare?  After all we are still paying taxes, income, property, excise, fuel, energy, communications..........   Who is stimulating, who is benefitting?  Definitely I should be in line somewhere as I am just a poor wage earning individual.


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