Is The Glass Getting Half Full?

Real Estate Agent with Rancon Real Estate

Is the glass half full or half empty? We have all known people that are eternal pessimist that will never see anything but the half empty glass---even in the best of times in the Real Estate market. You know the type, the sellers that weren't happy with "just" a two hundred thousand profit, in the good old days, because "I'm not giving away this home---do you think I'm that stupid?" They conveniently forgot that they pulled out a hundred thousand for personal use and now they were still going to get $200,000 on top of that!

Now our homes here in Temecula and Murrieta are no longer piggy banks but homes again. There isn't the stress of wondering when you should take the next huge step into a larger home that is going to up the stress even more. Also now is the time for buyers to get into a great home at an "affordable" price and interest rate----better than we will ever see again in our lifetimes.

With the tax breaks for first time home buyers, I feel like finally the glass is beginning to look like it might be getting half full!

C. B.

My in-laws are selling their home.  Well, they are TRYING to sell their house.  I think that they are being absolutely ridiculous.  They have no idea what their house is worth and they won't get it appraised.  They just slapped some random, high value on it and refuse to budge.  Even their real estate agent is getting annoyed with them.  They need to find an appraiser and get a reality check.

Mar 18, 2009 04:58 AM