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Looking for "Motivated" Real Estate Agents

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    The last 3 years of our lives have been spent building a website for real estate agents to use to list their properties on a national listing website that offered what we felt weresome of the tools and technologies that were out there in the market place but were in our opinion too expensive for the average agent to use and still try to make a living. We felt that a need for ongoing training and networking was important along with the ability to create virtual tours for all listings and a search data base that was very easy to use. We have now after three years accomplished these goals and are now working on the ability for agents to easily create a personal website.

   In order for us to start the engine of the website so to speak we need help from you. We are now in the phase of getting our site popul;ated with listings from around the country. Instead of trying to sell agents a membership on a relativitly new under populated real estate listing site, we have decided to offer any

"Motivated" real estate agents a free membership to our site for a full year. All we ask in return is that you help us populate our site and offer us feed back on the tools and offerings that we have in order for us to grow in the right direction. We want the site to be everything a real estate agent would want and need at a price affordable for everyone to become more successful in their careers.

   This is a free offer, you won't have to sign up for a 2 year membership or anything like that. I don't want your credit card number or any future payment arrangement. If you are Interested and motavated to help us populate our site and want  the ability to utlilize our vitual tour software and other tools to make yourself more sucessful this year, please email me and I will send you an ID and Password for you to use.

  We are real estate agents and brokers just like you and have a good understanding of what is needed today to be successful. My father told me long ago that I could do anything in this world I wanted I just could not do it alone! Please help me and I will help you.

Thank you

P.S. The website is advantageml.com