Pride in doing it myself

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We have a 3 yr old wild mustang that up until 3 days ago was untouchable. This is our first horse (not wise to get a mustang from the BLM for your first horse) and we quickly learned that we were in over our heads. We had 3 "professional" trainers come over to evaluate Rosie. One was honest enough to tell us that she had never worked with mustangs and that she was scared to death of our horse. The other two told us that they could work with Rosie but told us that she was untrainable (after spending about 1 hour with her).

Two days ago I decided that enough was enough and decided to try it myself. I am very happy to say that Rosie faces up every time she is asked to. She yeilds her hindquarters automatically now and we can now pet her just about anywhere (she still is a little nervous when it comes to her underside). All I have to do is point and she will head off in that direction. This weekend is going to be a lot of ground training with the lunge line so that she will become a lot more respectfull.

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