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Real Estate Educator and Investor and Property Manager-in-Charge

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Lowcountry Turnkey Properties, LLC, www.lowcountryturnkey.com is a Real Estate Investment company located in Charleston, SC.  Our Turnkey Rental Properties provide a holistic and relationship based approach to real estate investing to provide a solution to fill a niche market created by two problems: 1 – Retirement concerns as people near retirement age or are in retirement and 2 – Potential investors want to own real estate; however, they do not have the time, knowledge and/or resources to identify, acquire, remodel, select tenants for and manage a property.
To meet our goal, our strategy is comprised of three main phases: 1 – locate, identify and acquire properties maximize rental and sale possibilities, 2 – add property value to the property by remodeling properties to current market conditions as compared to the subject property’s subdivision or neighborhood and 3 – create investment value by putting a property management company and tenant in place .

To make the Turnkey Rental Properties a possibility, I opened Bluewater Property Management LLC, www.bluewaterpropertymanagement.net, in July 2012. 

In late 2008, the real estate investment company spun off a data collection company.  We collect and sell Lis Pendens and other foreclosure related data in South Carolina - www.scdistressedhomes.com.


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  • Margo Dayal

    Bluewater Property Management manages 2 of my properties in Charleston. Since moving out of South Carolina, Aaron and team have made the process completely effortless. He has found new tenants for both properties through strong online marketing, local ads, and by utilizing his large network in Charleston. He is extremely responsive and always sends pictures should he need my feedback on anything. The monthly reports are sent consistently and I have access to online reports should I need to see a breakdown of my costs/expenses at any point. His rates are very affordable for the valuable service that he provides. I would highly recommend Bluewater Property Management!