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Stop Renting Today! I specialize in helping 1st time home buyers with buying their first home.

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Who needs a BUYER'S AGENT?
Anyone who takes the transaction of Real Estate seriously will need to consider enlisting the services of a BUYER'S AGENT.

Considering this is probably the largest transaction most people will make it only makes sense to have every asset in your corner working for you. Even if you're using the internet to find your home, a BUYER'S AGENT has the tools to find homes that may not be available to an unrepresented buyer.

What can a BUYER'S AGENT do to help me?
Even before the critical negotiation phase of the transaction is finding the property of interest in the first place. Without a BUYER'S AGENT, you're really on your own to find a property you like, and then negotiate the transaction.

The BUYER'S AGENT. has access to a vast wealth of information concerning properties for sale in a given region. Enlisting a Buyer's agent gives you access to that information. Furthermore, the BUYER'S AGENT is knowledgeable and trained on how to sift through that information with an understanding of your requirements to find listings that may meet your needs. In some cases, your Abana BUYER'S AGENT can even set up automatic alerts to inform you directly when a listing meeting your needs hits the market.

What will it cost me?
Perhaps the question should be, "What will it cost me NOT to have a BUYER'S AGENT represent me?"

Who pays the BUYER'S AGENT fee?
In the vast majority of cases, the entire commission is paid by the seller. However, there is no requirement that they do so. So be sure to clearly understand the terms of your agreement with your Buyer's agent and how such a situation would be handled.

Keep in mind, however, the cost of not having a BUYER'S AGENT may far outweigh the cost of having one.

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I specialize in Saint Clair, Shelby and Talladega Counties.