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Jimmy Cooper GRI, Real Estate Broker, Dyersburg Tennessee (Carousel Realty) Real Estate Agent



Jimmy Cooper GRI
Real Estate Broker, Dyersburg Tennessee
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Get to Know Jimmy Cooper GRI

I learned this business by participating in dozens of purchases and sales of real estate.  I think that to learn something, you have to be hands-on.  Not just read about it in a book and pass a test.  The real lessons in real estate come from being a homeowner first.  Then I learned residential real estate from my grandfather and father back in the 80's.  Learn what you can from books and tapes, but you have to get out there and get your feet wet!  Until you have had a "dirty dozen" tenant houses and experienced the calls to fix busted pipes in below freezing temperatures . . . well, you haven't learned a thing.  

I purchased the first two rental properties back in the 80's for my daughters' college education.  By the time my oldest graduated from Dyersburg High School in 2001, the tenant's had long paid for the properties that I purchased back then.  Go figure.  Year after year went by as I collected the rent, paid the bank, and maintained the properties.  In 10 years, the property was paid in full by the tenant's money, and I sold the property to fund the college expense account.  What a difference it makes for my children to know that they do not have to repay a student loan from their first job!! It has changed our lives and the lives of the next generation.  This is the joy of creating wealth through the acquisition of real estate.  

Later, after a 20-year career in retail management, I left it all behind to pursue real estate opportunities.  I acquired land and developed a neighborhood shopping center on the north side of town.  After the completion of our third phase of expansion, we now have over a dozen commercial tenants in our property on the Hwy 51 Bypass in Dyersburg, TN.  Now our office also handles property management for other clients as well as our own "family" properties.  

Let me get to the point.  Do you want an agent showing you commercial property that has experience with tenants, leases, property taxes, depreciation, financing, and due diligence times?  Then you want to call Jimmy Cooper at Carousel Realty.  If those things don't matter to you, you may call any agent with their license on the wall.  It's a FREE COUNTRY and you have a choice!   




In a hometown rural market like the micropolitan area of Dyersburg, TN we facilitate all types of real estate transactions.  My passion is for executive homes and commercial properties.  Out of necessity, this has expanded in our work with nationwide lenders and their inventory of "REO" or foreclosure properties.  Because of our contacts in the field with painters, bricklayers, plumbers, electricians, and handymen of all types, our office handles properties that go back to the bank because of foreclosure.  We work closely to get these properties ready for market.  These are the properties that you will have to call about when you are interested in.  While we are working on these properties to make them ready, we are contacted several times by potential buyers.  They will be the first ones we call when we have an asking price for the properties.  If you wait until it goes on www.realtor.com, you probably will be disappointed when you find out that this type of property is already UNDER CONTRACT.  We will work with you to alert you to this type of property if you intend to acquire these properties at below market price.  Here's the deal: If I take a listing, I will never bid against you on the property.  At Carousel Realty, we have rules and we have standards above the rules. Give us a chance to earn your business. 


The Residential/Commercial Real Estate Broker for Dyersburg, TN since 1993.