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Author of new book Homes Buyers and Mortgages. A solutions oriented book that provides not only information on how things have changed but serves as a resource guide to homebuyers.

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Jason Kotar is President of Kotar Associates, an education and consulting firm focusing on the real estate and home building industries. Kotar Associates is at the forefront of identifying, researching, publishing and providing education on issues that have and continue to affect the overall process of buying and selling a home.

Jason's teachings and writings have focused on the crisis in the housing industry. His goal is to make practical sense of these changes and provide approaches for real estate professionals to implement in order to minimize the negative impact of these changes. Several of his courses have been approved by the State of Florida Division of Real Estate and added to the state's curriculum for the continuing education of real estate agents. These courses focus on issues such as; appraisals, changes in mortgage loan programs, government actions addressing the housing industry and the homebuyer in today's market.

He has taught courses at a number of Realtor® Associations in Florida and has been a speaker at various other real estate related functions. Jason has also been a speaker at the International Builders' Show and the Southeast Building Conference - Meet the Experts.

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Real Estate professionals and Home Builders can no longer depend on historic relationships with banks or other lending institutions for financing home or property acquisitions. With few exceptions, traditional financing programs do not exist or have significant restrictions. Changes to financing options occur daily. Real Estate professionals need new approaches, new tools to qualify prospective buyers at the front end of the sales process. At Kotar Associates, we work with the Real Estate professional or Home Builder, whether in groups or individuals, to customize a methodology for qualifying prospective buyers as well as identifying financing options.

Our programs cover the following areas:

Analysis of clients existing financial relationships / mortgage programs Analysis of current training / education programs and need assessment Review the client's market (geography, demographics, etc.) Identify current loan programs best suited for prospective buyers / sellers Establish on-going training programs for current / new employees Structure pre-approval methods for initial meeting with prospective buyers / sellers Provide on-going updates on specific loan program changes and effect on sales personnel

These consulting services are offered to both Real Estate professionals as well as Home Builders. All consulting will be tailored to the unique requirements of the Client.

Consulting can be offered at the client location, via teleconferencing or a combination of the two.

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